we did it. we made it to another friday.

you guys...i feel like a crazy woman. not only because i am actually a little crazy, but because i'm trying to tackle so many things at once...and wouldn't you know it. this blog was the first thing to get the boot. straight to the back burner. and i guess that's just going to have to be how it goes until i find some consistent babysitting action.

you see...i have quite a few party + paper projects in the pipeline. this is so exciting! but gals, my farmer can't watch the girls every week! he has farming to do! you know...that little thing called HARVEST. i mean...as much as he and i would both love him to watch the girls every day...party + paper doesn't exactly pay the bills.

anyway...in all my spare minutes i've been plugging away at my different design projects and it just affirms how much i love making all your paper goodies. i'm learning new skills every day and i hope i get to continue doing so!

anyway...i did manage to eek out a few minutes to get my link-up on, and you should too!

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M Y  F I V E
1 | super her-i-o (pronounced like cheerio according to kaye)
it's official...we have a super hero in the house...also known as kaye's halloween costume! i'm still working on getting the final pieces together, but she was suuuuuper excited to try on her mask and cape when it arrived in the mail...and mommy's new necklace.
2 | pigtails
i never ever thought i'd see the day, but my very best gal officially has hair. as in...she's allowing me to put her crazy curls into the very cutest of pigtails! it's even almost long enough for an actual ponytail! granted...this has taken the better party of three years, but we've arrived. 

3 | party + paper
i just can't seem to stop talking about it. amy asked me to design her an invitation for her annual harvest party again, and i couldn't say no! i'm in love with the diamond backer pattern i created. you can't tell in the picture, but those white dots are tiny little leaves. super cute!

4 | kaye + sawyer are having a birthday
for those of you who don't know...my kaye was born on october 30th and sawyer was born on october 24th nearly two years later. i'm lucky enough to say that this was the plan...that way i could just plan one big birthday bash to celebrate my two best gals!
well, since i've been keeping busy designing your paper goodies i decided i didn't want to do my own. so, i partnered up with minted and snagged one of their party packages! this is just a quick snap of the darling invitation // backer // return address wrapper...and wait until you see the rest of the goodies. i can't wait to put it all together!

5 | my most favorite season
visit the link below to print!
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