the birthday celebrating isn't done yet! we still have two weeks to go in the month of september, and we're kicking off this week with BIG, fabulous group giveaway!

(sidebar - a HUGE happy birthday to my farmer...the hunkiest farmer ever.)

you guys...i'm not going to waste any more of your time telling you about how i'm nursing a hangover or that i didn't get out of my yoga pants all day yesterday. i'm actually pretty lucky i brushed my teeth. no more time wasting. read all the details below about all the giveaway awesomeness!

ummm...yes. one lucky winner is going to get themselves this super amazing xo necklace from jamison rae jewelry. allow me to get my braggy pants on, but this gal is straight from idaho! boise, in fact. i've been a fan of her jewelry for YEARS...and it just keeps getting better and better. i strongly encourage you to check out her website...and if you happen to want to buy me something for my birthday, feel free. xoxoxoxox all of her goods.

friends...the holidays are right around the corner and wouldn't this little sign on your wall or mantle or kitchen counter or or...countless other places look oh so cute! because, seriously, it is the most wonderful time of the year.
not only that, but jessica also makes homemade body scrubs! the winner of the giveaway will get to pick out their very own from jessica's etsy shop! have a look! i have my eye on the rose sugar lip scrub.

not only that, but should you want to pick up some additional goodies, use the code FARM15 for 15% off your purchase!

does lou lou made need an introduction? basically if you have had a baby or are thinking about having a baby or you're getting ready to have a need to look at olivia's shop! she has the best little goodies for your little muffin! crib sheets, blankies, nursing pillow covers, changing pad cover...and PILLOWS! like...pillows for your home! which is what olivia is giving away to the winner! this one in fact! isn't it suuuuuper cute!?
not only that, but should you want to pick up some additional goodies, use the code SEPTEMBERFARM for 15% off your purchase!

L U L A R O E  L E G G I N G S
do you like super funk, hip and with it patterned leggings? well, this shop is for you! 

laura of the everyday joys is giving away a pair of your choosing to the lucky winner! (don't worry, if funky isn't your thing...they offer solid black as well!

last thing...until we get to the MONEY!

A D  S P A C E !
YAY! ad space! katie of a worker at home is giving away a 150x250 ad space! check it out HERE.

and don't worry! you didn't think i'd let you down! we've also joined forces to bring you

$ 2 0 0  P A Y P A L  C A S H !

all you have to do to win these goodies is get yourself entered below. you know the drill...rafflecopter style. there will be one winner so it's quite the take-home!

katie | josie | karli
alexis | courtney | amy | mackenzie
annie | brittney | laura | nina
lolo | mar | sara | karissa

want to get in on next month's group giveaway? check out your ad space options HERE!