this past weekend we managed a suuuuuper random getaway from the farm.

that's kind of how it works with farming.

can we go? can we not go? 
should we go? should we not go. 
let's go! oh no, we can't go. 
yes, yes! we can go!

(quickly pack all bags, feed children, bathroom, get in car - all within one hour.)

you don't want to view the scene that is our home when packing for a trip. chaos is the word.

but once finally on the road? all i can think about is - we're off the farm and my farmer is with us!

this whole trip was prompted because my farmer's cousin, wife, and their little boy were on a little road // camping trip from houston. it was the perfect opportunity to drive 4.5 hours from the farm and meet them in yellowstone.

now, there's not a ton to share when it comes to exciting stories. we saw several waterfalls. we went on a few small hikes. we took kaye to the bathroom 495 times (she's going through a weird phase???). we ate some good food. we saw old faithful. we ate some reallllllllly bad food - please please do not ever ever go to a restaurant in west yellowstone that brags about covered wagon seating.

but most of all - we got to spend time with pete, nicole, and FINALLY meet their son will. finally.

ultimately it was decided that we definitely do not see each other enough and that we'll definitely be planning a ski trip this winter - NO KIDS. do you hear me pete and nicole? no kids.

and now, the photo dump.

they held hands all on their own.
we forgot the ergo so my farmer packed both girls
for the majority of our hikes. mostly because kaye wanted to be
carried...and i can't exactly pack her efficiently.