a home tour...but not really.
just a tiny peak into how our home is lived in. 

i've mentioned before that i like things clean. i like them in their place. i'm not a fan of clutter or knick-knacks everywhere.

but then my best gals got older. their toys have expanded from four small bins in our great room to an entire play room plus an explosion upstairs. how does this even happen?

over the past year i've had a few of you comment that you would love to see a house tour. my immediate thought was...uh, no. 
no, because the thought of getting my house just so and then going through the effort of snapping pictures didn't sound like my idea of yay! for the blog!

but then...it was a magical morning. the sun was coming up. my girls were playing on the floor together. i had had at least 48 cups of coffee. like i said, magical. 

the way the light was shining through our windows i realized that this was how i wanted everyone to see our home. totally lived in. the lighting was terrible, but this was my favorite time of the day.

so i grabbed the camera and snapped some pictures of our great room // kitchen. by far the rooms we spend the most time in.
there are toys everywhere. the pillows on the couch didn't get appropriately coiffed. i was definitely still in my robe. but like i said...it is my most favorite time of day, and the girls were being so good. i seized the moment.

there are still so many projects to complete. i need to finish touch-up painting our baseboards, the crown molding on our kitchen cabinets still isn't up, i've purchased cabinet pulls...but have yet to install them, sawyer's room never got decorated (and i'm already looking forward to making it an office when she starts sharing a room with kaye)...but none of it matters. granted, it drives me nuts every day, but i'll get around to that stuff eventually (four years from now). in the meantime, i'll keep picking up the 2000 toys in our living area and keep dusting daily. but i'll always look forward to those magical moments around 7 in the morning.