oh mercy. is it that time? time to order holiday cards and get them stuffed // addressed // stamped // mailed?

and why is it that actually physically putting them in the mailbox is the hardest step for me? no joke - i've had bundles of invitations or cards sit on the counter for weeks before. i blame it on the fact that our driveway is nearly a mile long.

regardless, i order our holiday cards from minted each year and i'm always thrilled with the quality and packaging...even if the picture on the front is less than...less than.

and because i know you guys are always game for getting a laugh at my expense, last year -

but this year. this year will be different. there are so so so many beautiful cards to choose from it's hard to narrow down. i'm particularly drawn to the foil-pressed cards. let me just show you...
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

see! all. so. pretty! and the best part is that you can buy them in a complete package! meaning - they'll print all your addresses beautifully for you AND you can order a corresponding return address wrapper sticker. it's the cherry on top!

i can't wait to receive our cards. i ordered them last week...so any day. i'm feeling very on top of my game, especially considering i decorated for christmas yesterday. more on that a different day. (it involves a crazy idea to switch all our furniture from upstairs to downstairs. #thoughtitwouldbeeasy)

happy happy thanksgiving, everyone! eat too much. feel a little sick. take a nap. eat some more. yay gluttony.