good morning! happy monday!

this past weekend my farmer, the gals, and i escaped baaaack up to mccall to squeeze in a bit more skiing. we heard a rumor that conditions were going to be perfection if you wanted to maybe take your very best gal and get her on the slopes for the first time this season.

no, i'm not talking about sawyer. we'll wait until she's two (next season)...although...things are looking promising for her. i'll explain later...
anyway, we headed up the mountain and promised kaye all the hot cocoa if she would take a few runs. she enthusiastically complied (i was a win/win) and we suited her up. now, you can imagine all the ways things could go wrong when suiting up a three year old in her first layer, her ski coat, her ski pants, her wool socks, now the ski boots, another jacket, now your helmet, next your it all off with some goggles. i was cringing with each layer expecting an explosion. but you know what, she did great! she just wanted to get on the sticks.

kaye popped in her skis and my farmer and she were off. up the hill on the chairlift they climbed while i patiently waited with my iPhone and big camera at the ready on one side. my farmer's mom on the other...also with a camera. did someone say paparazzi?

they started down the hill and all i saw was kaye turning from side to side with a smile on her face waving to everyone they passed. "hi! hi!" she takes after her farmer...and farmer's dad.

while we waited for them to go up and down the hill bitty managed to tromp around the snow as i obsessively hovered over making sure she wasn't going to get nailed by some out of control kid on a snowboard. however, it got to be too much. each time she saw my farmer and kaye go by...or grandpa...she would flail around and whine and grunt. it was so obvious she was over the sidelines.

on the next run, halfway down the hill, my farmer let go of kaye's harness started to snag sawyer from me. meanwhile...kaye started flying down the herself. naturally, i freaked and started chasing after her, sawyer in tow. there wasn't a chance in hell i was going to catch her, but i was sure going to try! grandpa soon passed me (on skis) and managed to catch up with kaye by the time she was nearly to the bottom...without falling. i turned around and my farmer and his mom were in hysterics. i guess it was pretty funny to see me holding a giant camera and sawyer sprinting after a three year old on skis. long story longer - sawyer wanted to go skiing too, so my farmer grabbed her and skied off to the chairlift with grandpa and kaye.

on the next run all i saw was sawyer gliding down the hill with a giant smile on her face. my once sweet, sweet muffin has turned into a fearless go-getter.

it was such a proud mom moment to see both my best gals on the slopes. in the very near future i fear they're going to be yelling at me to, "keep up, moooooom!" as they fly by spraying my face with snow.