we did it. we made it to another friday.

blessed be the fridays. i swear that's in the bible...isn't it?

not only is it friday...but our mountains also just got a TON of snow! you know what that means!! we'll be escaping the farm, yet again, and heading up to get our ski on.

another ski date with my farmer? sure...twist my arm.

but first...

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3 | tell all your friends + have a fantastic friday.

M Y  F I V E - a random bit
1 | fiiiiirst...did you guys see the $250 giveaway going on? i wrote about it on wednesday in this post...but to make a long story short...the glorious glorious september farm sponsors banded together for some serious cash. and if you were wondering how to spend it...we suggest using your resolution as inspiration! orrrr...if you just want to get yourself entered, do so below!

2 | oh my mercy. do you follow me on instagram? if not...that's okay. however, you missed an absolutely stunning picture amy took for me on tuesday. and that wasn't the only one! i had amy over to the farm to take a series of staged shots for my website that's being built for Karli Bell Branding & Design.

oh! did you miss that bit of info? yep...i'm thiiiis much closer to getting this little business of mine launched! i'll still be doing the invitations and party suites...but i reeeaaaalllly wanted to put a focus on small businesses looking for a serious pop when it comes to creating something absolutely gorgeous for their branding. i mean...it's so important to portray an organized, cohesive message to your client...blah blah blah. i'll talk more about that another day. but in the meantime...i'll be leaking out these pictures that amy took...and then droooooooling over them every day from now until my website goes live.

3 | tone it up - for the past two weeks (so far) i've been working on the tone it up challenge. the gals came out with a new set of workouts that you were encouraged to purchase ($25). they also have three other at home workout series (i own 2, 3, and 4 now)...so i thought, why not. 2 and 3 were good...i'll go for their latest.
guys - if you're looking for a good at home workout...this is it. you have the option of downloading them to both your computer and your phone + they give you some pdf printables you can take to the gym. i know it sounds like i'm getting paid to promote their goodies...but i swear i'm not. i just loooove their workouts. i also love that they tell me which workout to do every single day. it takes the guess work out and i never get board. for example...yesterday was a HIIT workout and today i'll be doing 30 minutes of cardio + their ab workout. done and done!

4 | you guys! baby gap. they KILL me every single time. every TIME! they already came out with their spring 1 collection...and even though i feel like i just beefed up their winter wardrobes how can i say no to a few more matching dresses? the answer is i can't. i just can't. by best gals would look ADORABLE in this bird dress. and i saw this dress styled in the store with a little denim jacket over it. the cutest.

5 | in other news...it's FRIDAY! see how i did a full circle there? also...i'm looking for two more gals to be a part of a feature post later this month. if you've been thinking about sponsoring a blog...i have 2 discounts for you!

4 x feature (get your gal-face on) - 40% off - use code FRIYAY40

individual feature (get in there, girl) - 30% off - use code FRIYAY30


okay...get your link up on...then get your friday on!