in the blink of an eye my sawyer-bitty-boo-muffy-mc-muffs is one and a quarter...also known as 15 months.

this past weekend my farmer took kaye on a daddy-daughter outing and i had the pleasure of staying back with sawyer. friends...i was not looking forward to this. our sweety-bear is no longer a sweety-bear. she's a whiny, complainy, cry-all-the-time, clingy-master 5000.

i was like, really? why don't you take sawyer. i'll keep kaye.

that didn't happen and sawyer and i were left to fend for ourselves. but you guys...i think it's just what i // we needed.

it was wild - as soon as kaye was gone, all of a sudden i realized what a little girl (no longer a baby) my sawyer had turned into. she was funny, adventurous, independent, and definitely had opinions. i was like, where did my baby go?

now, i don't want to take anything away from kaye, but it's so obvious - kaye bulldozes sawyer. kaye's personality is so large and in charge sawyer gets muffled...and it's probably really frustrating for her. when kaye and our farmer hit the road, sawyer's outgoing personality shined.

the craziest bit lately, though - sawyer has been beyond obsessed with her farmer. like...nobody else on this earth may as well exist. if she even so much as thinks he might be leaving...she immediately starts crying and begging to go with him. she'll stand at his feet crying until he either picks her up or he really does leave. but let's say he actually does have to get some work done and sawyer has to stay with me...she stops crying with in 10 seconds of the door shutting. out of site out of mind? i guess so.
so usually i'm just begging our farmer to leave so she'll stop crying. just go! i say. get out! i urge...but you know...super lovingly.

i think this little-sister gig is paying off for our gal. she's a MUCH earlier talker than kaye. i don't even think kaye had any words but mama and dada by this age. sawyer is yammering up a a storm. and when she's not saying gibberish, she's communicating real words - mama, dada, hot, no, wow and she signs, more, cat, dog. (we never worked on signing.)

her favorite word to say is hot. she'll walk up to anything that might be hot, put her hand out, pull her hand away, close to her body and say hot! she'll repeat this action 28834 times, super proud of herself.

height - definitely growing! she's even reaching the ends of her 12 - 18 month clothing. i'm excited to see her stats at her appointment on the 1st of february.

weight - heavy. 

teeth - in the past three months my poor gal has busted out three molars and three teeth. it's safe to say she was less than pleasant...and she's getting more. save us.

words - mama, dada, wow, hot, no

shoe size - 12 - 18 months...and she's absolutely obsessed with any sort of running shoe. 

favorites - putting shoes on, getting naked, showers, the booty dance, playing with any toy kaye has, her farmer

favorite food - still a big fan of food...lots of food. sawyer will really eat anything, and i'm going to ride that train until it stops. because we all know it will. (don't get me started on the nightly battle with kaye.) sawyer has started feeding herself with forks and spoons and gets extremely irritated if i try to more cleanly and efficiently do the our table and chairs are covered in yogurt, enchiladas, oatmeal, fruit, etc. yum.

i'm so so excited for the next few months. i can remember kaye so very very vividly at this age and it was absolutely amazing to watch her bloom into a little girl. watching sawyer will be the same. i have a new, additional partner in crime and my farmer isn't going to know what to do with the three of us.