ba-badda-ba! it's here. our very first 10 on tuesday linkup. so super fun. right? like...the most exciting thing to happen to you on a tuesday.

here's how it's all going down -

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10 - reasons i'm so damn awkward

1 | i put my foot in my mouth all. the. time. then i try to backpedal out of it by continuing to speak. it just makes it worse every single time.

2 | when i pretend i totally know what someone is talking about and try to input something very general and they immediately realize i have no clue what they are talking about because what i just said made zero sense.

3 | to piggy-back that - i have this weird thing where i want so badly to be apart of conversations. i think it's because i live on a farm and don't talk to people a lot. i've lost some of my social normalcy. i want to be apart of these conversations and i keep trying to get a word in and i just keep speaking at the same time as someone else. i don't stop. i just keep trying. and trying. it's a problem.

4 | any interaction with a server from a restaurant. i ask too many questions. i'm always subbing out this for that. 80% of the time i have to send my meal back because they've eff'd it up so badly it's nothing like what i had intended. lesson - order from the menu. don't change anything. lesson #2 - there's a really good chance my food gets spit in on the regular.

5 | i curse like a sailor. i think it surprises people who don't know me.

6 | i can already see i'm showing signs of stage mom-status. kaye is back in gymnastics. the other day at her second lesson, without even thinking, i ran out onto the floor to help correct what kaye was doing. the other moms probably thought i was insane. kaye told me to go away.


7 | i give way too many high-fives and a solid majority of them i'm left hanging. then i high-five the air. then...when someone does catch one of my high-fives i miss the person's hand by about half. so it ends up being a weak high-five.

8 | along those same lines - if i go in for a handshake with someone all too often i grab too quickly resulting in them shaking my fingertips. then...i tell them, "oh! that was my fault." and i make them re-shake my hand.

9 | i trip up the stairs regularly. or...i don't pay attention and i think there is one more step and i end up power-stomping the floor.

10 | and lastly...i fall asleep during movies. at someones house? i'm asleep. at the theatre? i'm snoozing on a stranger's shoulder. at home? i'm doing the ugly sleep - mouth open, double chin. my farmer totally digs it.

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