when you don't have something to write about...don't write anything at all.

kind of like when you don't have something nice to say.

except my situation is the prior.

or maybe it's less that i don't have a story to tell. more just every day life has been happening.

i mean...we definitely have things going on, such as -

+ as previously stated last week - i've been keeping busy helping clients with their business branding needs. super jazzed about that.

+ one of my besties is quite literally three days overdue. a gal who wasn't sure she ever wanted kids is now super jazzed to be welcoming her own. we're on baby watch 2016, people. she doesn't know the sex. let me officially proclaim i think it's a girl. i'll report back. for the past year or so my gender guessing has been on point.

+ kaye is cruising all over the place on her new-to-her bike. as in...the day she got the bike she rode it for over an hour and a half. just around and around in a circle. she's in love.

speaking of kaye...

+ this girl. kaye. what am i even going to do with her? granted, it didn't help that i piled a bunch of pillows between the bed and the chair and told her there were alligators on the carpet. but...she's fearless and i adore that about her.

+ i bought a water table. if you would have asked me if i thought a water table was a good idea a few years a go i would have said, that's the most ridiculous toy i've ever seen. ummm...i'm eating my words. it's actually freaking rad...except for the fact that when i went to put it together the holes weren't pre-drilled. what?! so i'm waiting on my farmer to bring a bit over so we can get the legs secured. in the meantime...it's a hit.

+ sawyer will be 1.5 years old this month! she's definitely hitting that treasured time in a toddlers life when they turn into completely - oh what's the word - intolerable beings. she whines all the time. she's a cling-master 5000. i know it will get better when she starts talking. just like it got better when kaye started talking. but in the meantime...the constant crying is killing me.

+ our trees are blooming. when farmer and i built our house on the hill four years ago it had zero landscaping. it still has close to no landscaping, but we do have some trees and they've started to bloom. i'm in love. the girls and i are going to go to town and pick up some flowers for the porch today and then try to keep them alive for a few weeks. wish us luck.

+ my farmer has been so so very busy. early mornings. late nights. we've been popping up around the farm to "help" him. these girls...huge help.

+ and lastly...my gals and i have been keeping our friday donut dates. first we snag lunch. then we snag a donut. then we hit gymnastics. it's basically the perfect day. these two really are the most perfect lunch dates.