i've been a designing machine this past month and i want to keep the creative ball rolling.

my little website is going through a little // major edit and then it will be officially launched! i can't wait to share it. who knew designing websites was so much freaking work.

so, aside from working on all the edits for my website i've added some new options to my etsy site.
i realized that as i was getting busier and more inquiries were coming in i needed to start scheduling my time better. i needed to start actually documenting the hours i was spending on these projects.

i mean, what good is making a few dollars if my hourly rate ends up being $4.99? not good.

i also had this feeling that if i didn't accept every single project that came in i would regret it. like...when it rains it pours type of deal. i better just seize the day. but then i realized that taking on too many projects makes me feel rushed and antsy. it also takes time away from my girls.

this past month i found myself setting up things for them to do, then turning straight to my laptop. setting something else for them to do...back to the laptop.

they were probably like - wtf mom? 

this is not the kind of "work from home" mom i want to be.

with that said - i've decided to only book myself out for so many projects per month. then i can give clients a clear timeline and also give myself a nice visual of what i'm capable of taking on.

i'm also hoping this will allow me to be a bit choosier with my projects!

with all this pen to paper i thought it might be fun to do my first Karli Bell Branding & Design giveaway!

if you've been thinking you would like to update your blog header or business logo...here's your chance to get it for $free.99!

(if a blog header or business logo isn't up your alley...we can talk about your options. don't hesitate to enter!)

all you have to do is follow me on instagram and you'll be set!

best of luck and happy monday!

(see you back here for 10 on Tuesday!)