is it time for another super fun edition of what i've been up to?

well...aside from being a mom again (remember, the girls were gone for six whole days!!) i've been plugging along on my laptop.

while trying to keep pace with the orders that come in on etsy...i've also had the privilege to work on some logo and branding projects with a few gals for their businesses and i'm pretty jazzed with how they turned out.

i'm also pretty jazzed that people are trusting me with their business projects. it's humbling and i hope these gals realize that i want their end results to be something they are really really in love with. and when they look at their products they have so much pride and can't wait to show it off.

(kind of like me with my damn business cards. how many times have i posted  a picture of those now? 27? yeah...)

we'll start off with candy. a long long long time ago (2009) i worked for my alma mater as an admission counselor. i looooooved that job. i was meeting potential students all the time, as well as their families...and it really restores your faith in our youth. seriously.

long story short, i met a gal named candy. whether she knows it or not...i immediately adored her and i was so so so excited when she decided to enroll!

fast forward to 2016 - she's starting up her own free-lance bizz and asked me to do a little logo design for her. i was like, duh. of course.

candy is a super athlete who loves any and all things outdoors. she settled on the name backroad brands...and we went with it from there...

next...jen from and hattie makes three! jen already had an established header for her blog, so we knew we had to keep it consistent with what has already been designed for her blog.

i took out the gold foil for printing purposes, but i really like the way the back of the card looks with her black and white photo...not missing the gold at all.

and my latest project (that's still in the works) is just right up my alley. i'm in looooove with the color pallet and her style. brandi is a lifestyle photographer and blogger...all with having five kids! five. girlfriend is my dream gal. i would love to have five - six - ten kids...if i didn't have to be pregnant and i didn't have to nurse and i didn't have to deal with their less than lovely phases (read - clingy phase // whiney phase // kaye's current attitude phase.) yeah, i'd have ten kids if they were just perfect angels all the i'll stick with two.

anyway - we kept things natural and neutral and for a texture we went with chambray. it's the perfect blue.

i'm working on brandi's final pieces and i can't wait to do a full branding rollout post because the whole thing is so lovely. pats self on back

if you think you might be in need of some design services (think - branding // logo development // business cards // facebook // twitter cover design // etsy shop design // etc.) don't hesitate to contact me for a quote! i'm currently booking for june! find me at

happy almost friday! see you all back her for oh hey, friday! tomorrow!