sometimes you have a weekend so packed it doesn't feel like a weekend.

but really - those are the best kind of weekends.

we had invitations to head up to mccall // a graduation party // and two birthday parties.

the only unfortunate part of being so damn popular (har har) is not being able to do it all.

but let me back up...

it all started on mother's day. a friend was throwing a first birthday party for her little girl and i offered our house up for the event...our june 12th was wide open.

fast forward a few weeks and all of a sudden we were having concrete poured for our garage.

fast forward another week and all of a sudden our basement flooded.

fast forward a day or two and we get a last minute invitation to a surprise birthday party by one of my best friends...on the same day as the party we were supposed to be helping host.

but all of a sudden we had wet concrete AND a flooded basement.

now, let me tell you. NOTHING makes you feel like a bigger a-hole than telling someone that your house is a disaster zone after you've offered it up for a party.

yeah yeah yeah! you can totally throw a party here! except it's going to suck because nobody can go inside and don't mind the wet concrete everywhere.

so...i explained the dilemma and the mama was so gracious and moved the party to it's new location.

then...our busy weekend arrived. on friday my mom came down and stayed with sawyer while i took kaye to boise for gymnastics. you see...sawyer has been such a b-word at gymnastics...and i don't blame her. she has to sit on the sidelines while all the other kids bounce and climb and run and flip...every friday was like torture to my poor gal. so, my mom came to the farm and i took kaye.

naturally, we did the usual - lunch then donuts then gymnastics. it's a great combination.

but let me throw in - i tried to get my car washed. i paid, and as i was getting ready to pull in the guy turned me away because my car was too dirty. TOO DIRTY! it was actually the wheel wells. apparently the dirt from the wheel wells would get caught in their scrubbers and scratch the next car. i felt like such a loser. they had to back up a line of cars while i backed out and used the maintenance car lane to exit. it was a sad showing and kaye was totally bummed.

you guys - farm living = dirt roads = no automatic car washes? guess so.

saturday rolled around and we headed to boise again. we had a graduation party to attend for the little girl who was our bell ringer in our wedding...and all of a sudden she's old enough to be going to college. what? how does this even happen.

the girls went to bed saturday night properly sugared and exhausted.

and yesterday - yesterday we had two birthday parties to attend. one in boise and one a few miles from the farm. we were going to try and make both.

we headed to boise (again)...this time without our farmer. he's been baling our second cutting for the past three nights. i didn't feel like showing off a delirious farmer who would have been asleep in the middle of the floor. so we left him at home.

the surprise birthday party was executed beautifully. the surprise was a success. the food and cupcakes were delicious. and the kid entertainment - does it get better?

but when it came time to leave (to head back to the farm for the second birthday party) i had two crying girls who weren't ready to go. i felt terrible...and exhausted. and then when kaye begged to spend the night with her new best could i say no. kaye stayed to enjoy popcorn and a movie, and sawyer cried and cried as she realized her big sister wasn't going home with us. it really was the sweetest thing.

by the time we left party #1 there was no way i was going to make it to party #2. party-probs, people.

in the end - we were totally and completely partied out. but nothing makes you feel worse than driving past the other party you were supposed to attend and seeing the sweet pink and purple balloons marking the turn-off. i owe that little one year old a really awesome birthday present.

and a few final notes -

i managed my very first sleep creep on sawyer -

i also transitioned all her 12 - 18 month clothing out...and remembered, yet again, that this is one of my least favorite jobs. i have got to stop buying these girls so many clothes. i'm already dreading organizing kaye's closet.

and lastly...this girl. she's been so fun and so cute and i just adore her. i know a lot of people say three is a really hard age - but three has been the best for far.

have a restful monday! i'll be napping.