i drove to mccall with the gals yesterday on a whim. we knew we would be taking the girls up to see nana and grandpa (*leave them with nana and grandpa)...but when kaye said she wanted to leave yesterday...that's what we did. basically, she's the boss of me.

even though i often tell her, "you're not my boss."

she's totally my boss.

but guess what's she's not?

she's not the boss of me for the next few days. it's like a real weekend, people!!

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my five - in case you missed these...

1 | halloween printables

oh a whim i decided to make some halloween case anyone is feeling like they need some halloween love. there's a little banner and this cute little invite. just click over to the post and download!

and i mean...feel free to pin these in case you want them for later. 

(shameless self-promotion)
2 | yesterday

i mentioned we drove up to mccall, but what i didn't mention is it's a 3+ hour drive for us. depending on traffic. we always have to stop off somewhere and i usually try to plan that stop around lunch time, and then when we hit the road to finish off the trip north the girls get to snooze for two hours.

(please note sawyer's little pigtail. my heart skipped a beat every time i looked at her. they were the cutest!)

well...yesterday we stopped for lunch at this place called the village. my girls love it there. they can roam freely, there are a million things to look at, music is playing, it was great weather...and i couldn't have asked for better lunch dates. sawyer did manage to break a glass, but other than that i felt like one of those mom's who could totally take her children in public. proud mom moment.
3 | fall readiness
you may have read this post talking about getting ready for fall. kitchen is now painted white...and i'm still not sure how much i love it. 
speaking of love - i'm not sure i love my pantry door anymore. it used to be mustard yellow, then i painted it white, then i painted the kitchen white, and now i think i need to change that door color yet again. any recommendations? 

4 | farm project(s)
so as we move forward on our fall projects...the stairs! the stairs are happening people. we used to have one safe way of getting to our backyard. downstairs and out the door. there was no access to our yard from our that's all changed!

phase one is nearing completion. we no longer have to slide / run down the death hill as we have lovely stamped concrete steps (almost).

phase two will consist of pouring an additional patio to the right of the stairs...and that patio will house a...firepit! because...when you live in the middle of nowhere, you should always have the ability to feel like you're camping.

5 | 

happy happy weekend...because it's really a weekend! we'll be celebrating my farmer's 34th birthday! (if you're feeling crazy...feel free to send him some birthday love in the comments! he likes compliments.)