it happened, my friends. lightening struck twice. and what i mean by that is two years in a row, now, we've had the very best success (that our little family of four could hope for) with our family photos.

in these younger years the girls change. so. much. and they change so fast! i love capturing them each year and seeing their little personalities shine in the images.

i love getting them dressed up.

and i love actually being in a few of the pictures.

this year's photo sesh didn't come without it's challenges. you see...ummm...sawyer doesn't like me. or at least she doesn't like me when our farmer is around. it's like - mom, you get the eff out of here. hey dad...why is she here? her face has basically become a permanent fixture on his shoulder. she quite literally begins to drool as soon as she lays her head down. it's like the supreme comfort spot for her. it's really sweet...until it isn't. anyway...

there are so many images i just absolutely adore and want to share and plaster everywhere and not apologize for it that i'm going to do it in several posts.

sorry i'm not sorry. (okay...i'm like...a little bit sorry.)


hoping everyone had a super fun and safe halloween! all our unicorn images coming in hot on the blog...tomorrow!