woo! friday. welcome.

friends - i have the very best news. after the birthday party of my two best gals AND halloween we have almost completely cleaned out all the sweets from the house.

this includes two buckets of halloween candy and two tubs of frosting i bought to make cakepops.

the tubs of frosting went last night. my farmer attacked one - me the other.

have you ever actually looked at the ingredients in those? do yourself a favor and don't. granted...it hasn't stopped me.

it's a good thing my farmer's combine is broken and he asked to take the girls. that'll give me a chance to work out for four hours. which is how long i'll need to run to work off half of the frosting i ate.

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it hasn't gotten old yet. this week has proved to be my busiest yet. it's been great to wrap up several projects and even better getting the opportunity to start new ones. i really really love offering branding services to small businesses...but when the request comes in for a sweet, little birthday invitation - i'm all about the yes. 
this week it came from amy because her sweet sweet third son is turning one in a month. where did those last months go! she's doing a where the wild things are birthday theme - which seems appropriate for the mom of three boys.
friends - i swear i do more than just watch netflix all day. i really really do. but...here i am, recommending another show, so that's what it must seem like. 
your new show is the crown. it's a netflix original. it's a fictional story following the young life of queen elizabeth the II. i couldn't help myself.

did you catch my posts earlier this week? i wrote about the sweetest cookie decorator by way of texas. if you love beautiful sweets read this post! like little works of art, i tell you!

what i really need to do is a full post on our family pictures, but other things keep getting in the way. so instead...i'll pick one of my most favorite sister pictures and call it good.

that's a lie! while i do love this picture - it isn't my favorite. but it does perfecting encompass sawyer. you see - she's kind of a badger most of the time, but every now and then she acts like this dog. we've started calling this dog woofie because when she barks it's in a high pitched - woof! woof! (it's seriously the cutest thing.

so...here's an image of kaye feeding woofie and imaginary treat.

we're so happy woofie is a part of our family. she's the sweetest dog ever.
we booked our flights to california for thanksgiving! my brother-in-law's family is from a town outside of santa barbara...and since we have some super delightful family in santa barbara, as well, we thought it would be a fun opportunity to bang out some visiting. plus we went to california for thanksgiving the previous year...so maybe we'll start a tradition. anyway...all this to say i feel like i need to decorate for christmas before we leave. that means...in less than two weeks. i stumbled upon this image on instagram and can i just say - front door goals.

okay! link up time and have the happiest weekend!