first things first - how about that game last night? i lived in boston for a suuuuuuper short snippet in time (and worked at the starbucks on boston commons...and worked at a bar on yakee way - who's on first?) so i really do feel like the tiniest sliver of a connection to boston. it's a special city with great people and i enjoyed my time immensely. so as i was saying - i never gave up on the pats...even after the first half when it was nearly a sure thing they were going to lose...and lose bad. yay! such a good game. anyway...

one of the hardest things about being a mom (or dad) is seeing your child in pain. on friday i knew i was taking my two best gals to get their well checks. i also knew that sawyer was done getting her, no shots! and i told the girls that too...everyone was in great spirits.

we get in there and find out sawyer has had a huge growth spurt and went from being super short to above average on the height scale. kaye continues to be a giant...we know this. but what we didn't know was that kaye was due to get her "school" immunizations...even though she won't be starting school for another year and a half. i was like - hold up. kaye had the option of waiting until next year, but when we talked about it she told me, "i want to be brave and get them done so i can go to school."

okay girl. let's do it.

she sat on my lap and i held her arms. with her eyes squeezed tightly shut...she screamed bloody murder. the nurse and i looked at each other quite alarmed. in fact...i laughed...because that's what i do in nervous situations.

(i've quite literally laughed at all immunization appointments - because i'm so damn awkward.)

anyway...i secured kaye's arms again because she nearly slapped the nurse the first time (or maybe she did?) and in went the second shot...and kaye sobbed. she couldn't believe what had just happened. she was sad about it for exactly 27 seconds, the nurse gave her a sucker, and i promised her a prize after lunch. all was right in her world again...minus the fact that she fake limped for the remainder of the day.

saturday rolled around and i ended up having a little business lunch with an old college friend. in was the same college friend that talked me into doing that effing pageant my senior year.

did you read that post? you should. it's mortifying.

you'll be great! - she said.
you're sure to win! - she promised.

spoiler - i still don't have a crown.

anyway, now i'll be working with natalie and her brand, i'm beyond jazzed because i so so enjoy natalie AND it's a huge business move for Karli Bell Branding & Design.

but that's not all...

i'm also traveling to california...tomorrow! i'm headed that direction for an interview for a position that's part time and i could work from home - perfect for my farm situation. wish me all the luck and good vibes and all that.

happy monday. here's to a great week!