friends - it's kind of a bummer of a friday. i was supposed to me up with some of my gal-pals (and their daughters) and then all the gals (seven of us) were going to have a park date. the little gals would play. the mom-gals were going catch up because...i haven't seen them in forever. but guess what...after idaho teased us with near-70 degree temperatures...

it snowed yesterday.
i sh*t you not. the wind also blew at 35 miles per hour. ALL. DAY. LONG. idaho - you dirty tease, you. so typical.

so it's like - take the gals to an indoor gym! nope. two of the kids are too little. take them to the discovery center...then i'd just be chasing my children around...not participating in any sort of witty, adult conversing. just such a bummer.

but it's all okay. i had a solid hair-day yesterday and it's carried through to today. i might put some makeup on if i'm feeling crazy. also...the schwan's man delivered two gallons of ice cream last night, so...things are all of a sudden looking up. glass half full, mmmmk?

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you guys...did you see my post from monday? i featured katie from little mango because i have the biggest girl crush on her...not to mention her children's clothing store is THE BEST and her little model sons are the cutest. it's a win / win / win all over the place. 
if you have no clue what i'm talking's what it is - basically i've been reaching out to some different stay-at-home / work-from-home moms (who are in the same boat as me). they are balancing their family duties (kids, laundry, cleaning, meals, etc.) at the same time as starting their own business!

also - if you know of someone (or you are someone) who would be a good fit for a monday mama feature, please E-MAIL me your interest!

2. purchased!
so...sawyer and kaye are lucky enough to be little flower girls in the farmer's sister's wedding this june. naturally, i'm thrilled. i was kind of the token flower girl in the late 80's. ( many pictures of me in peach and maroon ruffled dresses with super puffy sleeves.)

anyway...i saw these dresses on instagram a few weeks ago and knew they would match perfectly. unfortunately they were out of stock. but then they sent me a notification they were restocking them! instagram is a dog-eat-dog shopping situation. you have to be quick...apparently. 

so as soon as i received the notification that the sales page was live i carted the gal's sizes and checked out. i went back an hour later to see if they would really be out of stock that quickly...and they were. no more dresses. 

social media - making every aspect of motherhood more stressful. even flower girl dress shopping.

3.  spring break mistake
spring break totally owned me. let me back up. several months ago i signed the gals up for swimming lessons and they've been on a wait list ever since. last week the people called us and asked if we wanted to take an opening and i jumped on it...even though it was at 6:30 at night. so the gals had their first swimming lesson last wednesday and it went beautifully. kaye was on her own with a teacher and i was in a mommy / baby class with sawyer. 
so, all this week i asked the girls if they were super jazzed for swimming again. they couldn't wait to go back. on wednesday evening i packed our swimming bag and we headed the hour into boise for the lesson. i unload the girls and boom - no swimming lessons for spring break. WHAT?! noooo!
the disappointment on their sweet faces was terrible. i never want to see that look again. getting them totally jazzed for something and then cruelly ripping it away. it was the worst. 

so what does any self-respecting mother do after she disappoints her children? i took them to fro-yo and all was right with the world.

4. obligatory sister picture
last saturday (while farmer was working...he's been working so extremely hard) was a beautiful day. so gorgeous. i loaded the girls up for a surprise day. they didn't know what was going on, but i took them to pizza, then the park, then another park, and to top it off...delicious cinnamon rolls. it really was the very very best day! until it wasn't. 
sawyer got super possessive of the the cinnamon roll we were all sharing. she would also scream if you tried to help her cut a bite...which resulted in her picking up the entire roll, frosting going everywhere, and shoving it into her mouth. 

obviously this wasn't cool, so after several attempts at helping her cut appropriate sized pieces...i was almost at my wits end. 

meanwhile...kaye was sitting quietly. when i finally paid her some attention (sawyer was literally requiring all of it up to that point) i looked over and she had managed to down a solid 3/4 of the giant cinnamon roll. 

i lost my cool, for obvious reasons. kaye ate most of the cinnamon roll. sawyer at the other part. mommy got none. i really wanted some cinnamon roll. did i mention sawyer was still screaming at the top of her lungs in front of at least 50 people waiting in line to get their roll?

so what did i do? i picked up the rest of our cinnamon roll. took all the forks. threw it all in the trash. nobody gets cinnamon roll.

in hindsight it probably wasn't my finest moment, but i was really at a loss. neither of them were listening. kaye was pouting. sawyer was screaming. i was the mom who marched her children back to the car and got a lot of side-eye from the passersby. 

5. kaye
and lastly - because i think she's so stinking cute. and artistic. and totally gorgeous. and sweet. and likes to lock me out of the car. 

happy weekend! let's all wish spring would come back...