last week i briefly complained about needing to stop trying to write blog posts in the mornings before the girls get up because it just wasn't working. well...all week i didn't do that...except for today! it's thursday and i'm actually getting this business started.

AND - new button...because i can't stand to look at that pink and red any longer. so grab the new button, link up, think warm weather thoughts (it's 70ยบ+ here today) and happy weekend!

(and in the mean time i'll be trying to figure out how to block carrie underwood from my pandora because, good lord, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.)

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1. little branding projects

so...above and beyond the work i'm doing for other people...i also decided i'm ready to update my farmer's branding for our farm. he's going to need new t-shirt's made and business cards and and...envelopes and all the things. so...i whipped up a few logos for him. of course, i decided i don't like any of them and he actually likes the one i like the least. we're kind of a perfect match.
if you could vote for your favorite farm logo...that would be awesome.
2. sneak peak amy...the gal that i team up with each week to do this little link up...did you know she's a killer photographer? well...she's taken it one step further and has turned her boys into little models...and then basically a brand photographer / styled shoot photographer. after seeing her work i was like -'re really good at this. just go check out her stop-motion photography videos she does over on instagram from some of these companies. they are just the cutest. 
so then i managed to talk her into letting me design a little logo for her - and because she's a good friend, she agreed. thanks amy!
3. irish car-bombs...the good kind

in the spirit of st. patrick's day...did you know - in my wilder days i used to do these drinks at the bar called irish car bombs? they are drop in shots - you know the kind where you have a beverage in a large cup and then drop a shot into it and then chug it? yeah...i used to do those. 
an irish car bomb is a glass of guinness and then you drop a shot of jameson and baileys into that glass of guinness and chug it. and before you gag - it's actually really yummy. at least i used to think it was yummy. that drink got me into all sorts of trouble back in the day. and by trouble i mean dancing on stage with an irish band kind of trouble...and maybe a few things i don't even remember. 
needless to say - i don't do shots any longer. that's a pretty firm rule.
4. potty training
we're in the thick of it. sawyer is nearly two and a half and i'm ready to get this ship sailing. the diaper ship...that is. she's about 50 / 50 right now...which is really bad. don't even get me started about when we visited amy and her boys earlier this week. okay...i'll tell you. somehow she managed to poo, basically, all over their playset. on the ladder. on the slide. on herself. it was horrific. 
but...we're going to stick with it. she's totally ready and will go when i sit her down...she just needs to learn to tell me when she needs to go. for some reason that concept isn't clicking with her...?
5. purchased...

last week when i was at the home d. picking up something for my farmer i randomly spotted a much sought after fiddle fig leaf. they are just the cutest little plants and i've wanted one for a long time. this one at home depot happened to be only $20 so i snagged it. so naturally...i needed a new pot for it. i've been eyeballing this one for a long long time and i finally bit the bullet. of course it's on back order, but once it's here i can't wait for my new little plant to live in the corner by our tv.