and there went another week.

this week was glorious. lots of work sprinkled with a little play and even some workout time.

also, i made a goal yesterday to not yell at the girls - and i'm happy to report i didn't raise my voice...not even one time! i do have a pretty rad mom-stare and the girls know exactly what that that was certainly utilized a few times. but over it turns out...yelling vs. keeping my voice normal - equally as effective.

(but people...sometimes yelling feels good. i guess i'll have to go into my closet for that or something?)

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1 | umm...are linkups dying?

but it just my blog, or is the whole link-up party dying a slow, sad death?

2 | easter recap...but wait...
friends! i should have done a full easter last year...and i guess i still can. but, i can't help but share a few pictures because it really was such a fun day. everyone had an absolute blast, especially the adults. 
you can see mine and amy's farmer continue to encourage their farmer-love to flourish. and mine and amy's oldest children...also continue to let their puppy love flourish. well, at least kaye does. she has eyes for one boy...and that boy is brody. 
i continue to have eyes for my farmer. and i think we even took our best family picture to date. mic drop!
3 | the weather...
when can i not stop talking about the weather. it's either a blessing or just the biggest nuisance in the world. this week...i loved it. 
my farmer has been working like crazy. it seems like with farming you're either waiting or all of a sudden you're behind, because everything needs to be done at once. 

well, this week my farmer turned on all the water. and then it rained for two days. go figure. but i'll take it. my farmer was able to take most of a day off with us this wednesday. we hit a delicious lunch, then ice cream, costoco...and swimming lessons! our farmer hasn't been able to see the girls in action at their lessons because he's always...farming. this week he did some daddy/baby swimming with sawyer. he likes to think he was the "hot dad." then i reminded him, he was the only dad. and also the hot dad. 

anyway, the girls and i just adore when our farmer steals a few moments. it's the best.

you guys...did you see my post from monday? i featured a fellow designer from grace + vine

these monday mama features have been so fun to put together. this coming monday we have a very stylish mama coming at you and i can't wait to feature her. she's an absolute doll!

also - if you know of someone (or you are someone) who would be a good fit for a monday mama feature, please E-MAIL me your interest! thanks!

5 | another date with our farmer
i was scrolling through my phone images the other day and i ran across another day date the gals and i had with our farmer in the big city. jeez...he sure has been spoiling us. better stop complaining...
we snagged up the gals and hauled them to boise. we visited some friends who had just had the sweetest baby boy...and sawyer and kaye were...less than enthused. which is strange, because i was pretty sure they were going to smother that baby in kisses...but they mostly left him alone. (i guess they kind of take after me and my lackluster for least other people's babies.)
don't get me wrong! i think babies are wonderful. and i'm so so beyond jazzed for the person who has had the baby. buuuut...confession...i kind of only have heart eyes for my two best gals. 
anyway, my farmer took us out to lunch and a movie...and even though it was boss baby, we really did have such a good time. it's so fun to be to the point where life is getting, dare i say, easier with kids. love that. (even though sawyer is...sawyer.)

okay! happy weekend! link up!