good morning good morning.

i had every intention of getting this post finished up last night...and then i fell asleep watching my 600 pound life - supersized. now...i see this show in two ways -

1. some of these people are severely abusing the system. as in, last night's guy. he would complain about his leg pain, get taken in an ambulance to any number of hospitals and get pain meds. it was later revealed he was addicted to pain medication. not only that, he suffered from depression and when he was alone in his house (because that's all he could do) he would be come more depressed. but when he was at the hospital around people, he did much better.

2. what's going on with the people who enable them? i mean...there was this one guy who DEFINITELY was not getting out of bed and buying his own fast food or lasagnas or pizzas or making gravy, etc. his "girlfriend" was doing all this for him. wouldn't he be doing substantially better if that girlfriend stopped? then, of course, she would give the doctor all sorts of excuses and blah blah blah.

i just don't understand it all. so, on that note...

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you guys...did you see my post from monday? i featured cassy from styled in print! she's absolutely phenomenal at what she does. she's ridiculously clever. and for all us monday mamas out there - we could definitely learn a thing or two from her about staying disciplined and keeping our eye on the prize! not only that, but click over to the post because she offered us a discount on her prints! yay! (it expires today...)

also - if you know of someone (or you are someone) who would be a good fit for a monday mama feature, please E-MAIL me your interest!

2. purchased!
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so...i was popping around instagram (of course) an noticed these super cute, little planters on katie's feed. i was like...i need those. i messaged her and she said they are from that. love even more that they are a little bit retro with their texture and they didn't cost an arm and a leg. 

3. swimming lessons
so, even though i totally effed up swimming lessons last week...we totally nailed them this week! (last week i took the gals all the way to boise, only to find out it was spring lessons. eff.)

anyway, kaye was off doing her thing in her class and i was pulling sawyer around and forcing her to float on her back all while saying soothing things in her ear. (girlfriend has some serious fight or flight tendencies. and in case you were wondering...she's less of a flyer and more of a fighter. she's going to survive.) 

after class was over, kaye's teacher pulled me aside and told me how wonderful she was doing for this only being her second swim class - all for floating on he stomach for five seconds. i was me when you have her training for the olympics. kidding kidding. i am really proud of my gal, but i can't say i'm surprised. we heard the same thing from her gymnastics coach. and we can see it when we take her skiing. girlfriend just catches on super everything. i mean...she rode a bike without training wheels at 3. say whaaaat?

all this to say - i could brag about that gal all day long. i next week's lesson she'll probably be practicing wall turns (or whatever they're called).

4. long, see ya
yesterday was a big work day for me in the big city. usually when this happens i pick a little spot (usually starbucks) and just get down to work. well...i've been working on my fit-ass so hard lately i thought i'd reward i went to a donut shop. whyyyyyyyyy? at any donut shop you can't really go in and pick just one, right? the guy behind the counter was trying to sell me on all these weird combos, but i'm a cake donut kinda gal. i went with nutella and then a traditional sour cream. i told myself i'd save the nutella for later. apparently by later i meant...five minutes later. hey hey self-control. 

5. dreaming of...
and lastly - because i should reiterate that i have no business being on instagram any longer...isn't this front porch swing absolutely dreamy? and we really do have a great porch for it! we just either need to build the swing...or drop some serious cash to buy one.

instagram - continuing to make me feel inferior since 2011.

happy weekend! let's all wish spring would come back...