all the good mornings and happy friday's and all that. oh! and happiest CINCO DE MAYO! yay! i'm going to eat all the chips and salsa and queso and beans and and...all of it. if only i could have a margarita...le sigh.

and yeah yeah...whatever. i could do a virgin margarita, but what's the point?

so while you're sipping your salty rim on the rocks, don't forget to link up too!

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1 | monday mama - that secret i've been keeping

hehehe. nervous laughter. did you see the announcement on monday? well...instead of featuring a fellow mama i went ahead and spilled that i'll be a mama. again. oh lord help us. i don't think it's any secret that i've already felt at my limit with two crazy, little gals. let's throw a newborn in the mix! hurrah! or something like that...
which brings me to...
a - have a burning question about baby #3? i'm going to compile a whole post for next week (hello blog content) answering all the questions. how far along am i? how did i tell farmer? was it a surprise? due date? all that jazz...
b - vote! i added a little pole in the top right corner of this blog! you can vote if it's a future farmer or gal #3! so far...future farmer is winning...and yes. we do know the gender!
2 | hellllllooooo vacation
my two best gals are STILL gone. i'd like to say i've been lost without them, but in truth...i've gotten so much done. not only that, but it's felt so nice to not be stressed or to tell them "no" or worry about what they're going to eat for their 45th meal of the day.
but i do miss fixing kaye's hair just so (she's very into her hair these days) and cheering for sawyer every time she goes to the bathroom on the toilet...and watching them play together. the house has been so so quiet. which has been good...but i miss it. i'm also not getting nearly enough hugs and cuddles. and kaye always tells me i'm beautiful. i miss that too. 
so! i'm going to run up to mccall tomorrow and steal them back from farmer's parents. they've been spoiling them for far too long...and i can't wait!

3 | cinco de mayo!
yes to my very most favorite holiday! i wish every day could be may 5th! so...i'm going to go ahead and share a very special recipe...and friends...don't take this lightly. it is the most delicious, addictive salsa there is. i promise you that. so run, don't walk to the store to snag all the necessary ingredients! and don't forget to pin it...and ENJOY!
4 | sad news, but not that sad...

so...since summer is just RIGHT around the corner amy and i decided we're just going to let oh hey, friday! sizzle right on out of here with a little break. i don't think any one is sad about it. right? breaks are a good thing! is our last one...for a long time.

5 | summer bucket list
last week i asked you gals what's on your bucket list. thank you for sharing...if you did! but...i'm still compiling my list...that i'm going to make into one big master list and then share with all you sweet bloggers. so, if there is one thing you so so very badly want to cross off your list, share it!
it can be an outing with the kids or a date night with the man. it can be a trip to the water park or a half marathon. share share share! - what's on your summer bucket list?

okay! happy weekend...i'll be kid free. brag brag brag. xo. link up. all that jazz.