need some mama motivation / inspiration? the women featured on #mondaymama have all that and more in their bag of tricks!

gals! Monday Mama here on this glorious tuesday...say what?

yeah...that was an accident. i dropped my two best gals off with nana and grandpa last thursday and ever since then i've pretty much lost all track of time. 
but just because it's tuesday doesn't mean we shouldn't give our mama feature all the love today! she's amazing and gorgeous...and she has a special place in my heart because, well, she's the mom of three beautiful little ladies!! someone i can relate to, certainly! 

but before we get into all that...

Monday Mama is a little series i put together to feature moms who have started their own businesses. i was curious as to how these moms were balancing their day to day lives and still looked like they had brushed their hair...because friends...i'm still struggling. #hotmess

with that...Caley of LuLuPop!!

KARLI |  where did your idea for your small business come from?

CALEY | I have always been a socialite and loved planning and hosting parties – from my 13th Murder/Mystery party to my Cowgirl 21st, I have always loved designing the invite, crafting décor and propound setting it all up and then enjoying the fun with my friends. When we built our home three years ago, I made sure that the house plans included an entertainment area that would happily host many parties in the future. After having my first child and hosting baby dedications and first birthdays, a few friends commented on my parties and how they wished I could help them with their parties. I decided then that maybe one day I could make this into business.

KARLI | how did you get started?

CALEY |  I have always been able to craft and source party décor and put together colors and ideas to fit a theme, but I didn’t have the skills to design and print the party stationery. I found a local college that offered a part-time course in Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. I enrolled and spent 15 weeks at evening lectures and learning the ropes. I already had so many friends that had asked me to help them with their upcoming parties and I planned three styled shoots to get my portfolio started.

KARLI | who's been your biggest support?

CALEY |  My husband and my friends. My husband encouraged me from the very beginning – to use my passion and creativity and make it into a business. He has been my financial support when I needed start up funds to organize shoots and printing, he has been my emotional support when I have had a long day of working and then trying to be a mom and wife, and he has been my physical support when I have needed an extra pair of hands to get things done. I also couldn’t have started my business without the support of my friends who all helped share it on social media and got me to work on their parties.

KARLI | what's been your biggest win?

CALEY | My biggest win has been getting involved in, and collaborating in styled shoots with other amazing suppliers and being featured in local magazines. A very proud moment was when I was approached to be involved in the styled shoots and seeing the images play out and in print.

KARLI | how about your biggest loss?

CALEY | One of my biggest losses has been relying on other suppliers to help with outsourced items – I had a terrible experience with a supplier who let me down the night before a party with 3 animal masks. I had to run around the next morning to make a Plan B, tell the client I had let her down and then absorb the cost for both. It was a horrible lesson to learn. The other was getting severe morning sickness last year during my last pregnancy and after being hospitalized for weeks, I had to close my business for an extended period.

KARLI | ...and your biggest lesson learned? 

CALEY | I’ve learnt that planning and organizing is key to being a working mom. Our weeks run a lot smoother if my days are planned well and I am more productive in getting work things done and then being able to spend time with my girls, guilt-free.

KARLI | how do you balance LuLuPop in addition to taking care of THREE kiddos!?

CALEY |  I am lucky here in South Africa that my girls both attend a pre-school in the mornings from 7.30am – 12.30pm so I have my mornings to work and get things done. It has become a little harder now with a new baby but I have started working slowly again and plan things around her sleep times. Unless I really have to, afternoons are mom and daughter time and I try my best not to work then!

KARLI | where do you see LuLuPop in one...and five years?

CALEY | In one year, I hope to have LuluPop back up and running to its full potential again, after having this period being closed. And in ten years, I hope to have furthered my printing experience, found amazing suppliers and hopefully have my own cute studio to work in.

KARLI | and to a fellow mom who's thinking she wants to start her own business - what would you tell her?

CALEY | Do it! I think so many people come up with excuses as to why not and procrastinate because the time is never right. But just DO IT! And you will never look back – especially if it is a passion and something you love doing.

oh caley! you're living my dream and i think it's safe to say - you have many adoring fans! if only we could all come visit you in south africa!

if anyone needs any party inspiration, pop over to her eye candy won't be disappointed!


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