a sweet nursery reveal for our surprise baby girl #3.

it's no secret that there was no way my farmer and i expected to be putting together a third nursery...and a third baby girl at that. but hey...we're thrill seekers, and what's more thrilling than thinking about three teenage girls living under one roof in thirteen years. yay.

two words - safe sex.

unless you're gamblers like us.

but, as it turns out, when you're embarking on welcoming home a third baby girl you would think, "this is wonderful. i don't need one thing!" lies...lies we tell ourselves. there's always something to get. something to redo. and so i got. and so i redid.

it all started with getting rid of those navy blue stripes i painted for kaye's gender neutral nursery. if you remember, we didn't find out if we were having a boy or a girl with kaye, so i leaned towards the boy side...telling myself it was girly enough every step of the way. looking back...no. not even close. green and blue?

anyway, with sawyer, we most certainly found out what we were having. i even cried from relief when the sweet card said, "it looks like another girl!" when it came time to girlify the nursery, i didn't have the heart to get rid of the blue stripes, so i added thin pink stripes on either side of the blue stripes...and then added pink accents around the room...and ditched the green. it kind of came together...but never really. it just kind of stayed in a state of semi-finished for nearly two years (hot-mess express)...until we put the gals in a shared bedroom.

fast forward two and a half years and as baby girl is two weeks shy from her debut i'm ready to share what we've jazzed up for her!

it all started with getting rid of those blue stripes. i knew i was so beyond over them, but with the way the room is set up it's the only wall that makes sense to be featured and be the crib wall. i've had tons of questions in my sneak peeks about how i did the black dots / what they are and i'm here to tell you, they are urban walls! they are just little decal stickers. i snagged the black irregular...and i love them. when i got them in the mail i was...nervous. the thought of having to unstick a million dots and place them on the wall perfectly had me immediately overwhelmed. but guess what? that wall...it took me less than 15 minutes. truly truly. so easy. so worth it. i'm absolutely smitten.

neeeext up! furniture. it was time to give the furniture an update. of course i didn't touch the crib. the crib is perfection and i still adore it's clean, no nonsense look. but the dresser i bought for our little boy (that ended up being kaye) was navy blue. time to ditch the blue and give the room a softer, brighter look. i'd like to say i DIY'd the dresser and the changing table, but...i didn't. they are both Pottery Barn pieces and i reeeeaaaally didn't want to mess them up...considering i'd never refinished a piece of furniture before. so, i bought some paint online and commissioned a local gal to sand and paint the goods. i bought some new hardware, and voilĂ ! brand new pieces.

let's not forget the changing table! it's housing what might be my favorite addition to the nursery. it all started a long time ago when i was nursing kaye. i had all sorts of issues and ended up only nursing her from one side for the full 14 months. i was constantly worried that she wasn't getting enough and supply and blah blah blah. it wasn't the best nursing experience ever. fast forward and i learned about a company called Hatch Baby. i was particularly interested in their Hatch Baby Grow - which essentially tells you exactly how many ounces your baby is getting after each nursing session. all you do is weigh your baby before you nurse on the changing pad and then weigh them again (on the changing pad) when they are done. so so simple! it all connects to an app on your phone! you can even add a caregiver, so when the caregiver feeds your baby a bottle she can weigh the baby and you'll be able to see (while at work) just how much your sweet babe is taking in!

i know i know...sometimes we can all feel too connected - but this is one time when i feel like it's totally worth it! it just takes the not knowing out of it all. and of course i don't have to weigh and record every single time, but i'm totally jazzed that it's one question mark i can completely remove from my mind...because lord knows there is enough going on up there.

the other goody i snagged from Hatch Baby is their Hatch Baby Rest! it's a sound machine and nightlight that, again, you can control from your phone. you can bring up the nightlight during a late night nursing session or turn down the white noise while you're in the room with your baby. the color of the nightlight is adjustable, brightness, and volume - love that. i have ours set up right next to our chair for easy access.

then, as your babe turns into a toddler, you can use the Hatch Baby Rest as one of those handy lights that turns green when it's okay for them to get out of bed!

over all, i'm only mildly obsessed with how everything turned out. it's my favorite nursery to date (by far)...and quite possibly my favorite room. granted...i did just paint the gal's room downstairs (which i need to take pictures of and share), and i REALLY love how that turned out as well.

now we just need to go to the hospital, have a baby, and wrap her up the the softest, sweetest Newborn Essential Bundle from Lou Lou and Company. it's the sweetest and softest little swaddle, hat, and mittens...oh! and a bow. i can't get enough of the bow situation lately. i mean...let's be real. my sweet gals aren't exactly blessed in the hair department, so adding cute bows to their darling heads is oh so fun and i adore the prints Lou Lou has in their shop. in fact...it's probably time to go snag myself a few more.

and that's that! the room we'll be bringing our sweet, unnamed, third baby girl home to.

to say kaye is slightly excited is the understatement of the year.

to say anything about sawyer's enthusiasm would be a complete guessing game. my hunch is she's going to be thrilled about 25% of the time and miffed for the remaining 75%.

my farmer shows visible signs of sweating every time i remind him of the days left until she arrives...except i know that once she's here i won't be able to pry her from his arms. he has a fever...and the only prescription is more newborn baby girl. seriously.

and i HAVE to give a shout out to a dear friend, walker, who is just about the most talented gal i know. she creates amazing art pieces (that i'm always trying to get her to start selling!)...just like this custom idaho print she made for our gals a few years ago. she literally drew / designed the entire print AND included a bunch of special locations on the map...like our farm (and napoleon dynamite in southeastern idaho)!
i definitely need to nudge the dresser to the right...and the print to the left. 
sawyer gives the whole room a very encouraging stamp of approval. in fact...the gals LOVE to play in here. i'll sit (because that's all i do anymore) in the chair and they'll just...do whatever. play in the crib. play in the closet. act like babies. read books to each other. whatever they do in this room, i don't care. as long as it doesn't involve yelling or screaming.


Wall Decals - Urban Walls
Changing Table pad + Scale - Hatch Baby Grow
Nightlight + Sound Machine - Hatch Baby Rest
Newborn Essential Bundle - Lou Lou & Company
Moccasins - Freshly Picked
Letter Board - Etsy Shop Navy Ann

see something i didn't list? let me know in the comments and i'll get it added!

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