good morning!

still pregnant! (see sawyer's face below? that's how i feel.)

yay. yay said me never. friends...this is my 122nd week of being pregnant. my final week ever ever ever.

today would be a super great day to take care of this whole labor thing...seeing as how it's labor day and all. am-i-right?

i've had a plethora of ailments this go-round. including, but not limited to - severe heartburn, leg cramps, a horrific rash all over my body at 21 weeks, some hair breakage, general uncomfortableness, that feeling like you've been kicked in the crotch 47 times in a row (usually after i've moved too much in a day), and some super bizarre pregnancy insomnia. as in - i've been waking up between 3 and 4:30 am every night for weeeeeks. and let me tell's getting old. oh! and there was that week when my left hip popped out of joint and i could barely walk. that was super fun. but then it popped back in on it's own, and i don't even know. pregnancy is so weird. what was your strangest ailment?

besides all that, in case you didn't know, i have two ridiculously cute gals here at home with me that have been kissing and rubbing my belly, making me laugh, and generally helping to ensure that these past 40 weeks have zoomed by. absolutely flown. (not counting the last week. this last week has dragged.)

so, when amy offered up her photography services for a little mommy / me shoot...i said, "yes. yes, let's do it!"

(you may have seen a few peeks last week when i posted memory lane...)

i asked our farmer if he wanted to get in on some action and he politely declined. as we know, my farmer, although incredibly good-looking and photogenic, definitely would rather stab himself in the foot than take family pictures more than once a year. and we have to save that one session for after this third girl is born. was just the girls and me this time.

i so so so didn't want to take pictures. maybe my farmer is rubbing off on me. it seems with age i'm getting more and more awkward in front of the camera. but after seeing the results and the magic amy worked...out of (quite literally) 400 pictures...she snagged some keepers.

here's what i'm saying - photographs capture memories. if you're second guessing photographing a special even in your life...don't skip out. do it. you'll never ever regret it. you absolutely won't. (or be like me and still regret that you don't have any video from your wedding. dammit.)

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