soooo...reflecting back on my childhood, teeth falling out was a big deal. a right of passage. i also remember being super wimpy about it and humming and hawing and letting said tooth dangle for weeks until eventually i was brave enough to let my dad "pull" it (and by pull i mean tap because that's all it took). 

i also remember being around eight years old when my teeth started falling out. eight. not barely five.

but, sure enough...kaye pulled her second tooth last night. yes, you read that right. she pulled her own tooth. the first tooth she pulled in the car on the way home from school back in september. and then last night she decided to pull her tooth after rough-housing with her farmer. i just...that girl. she's far braver than i ever was. by a long shot.

as i was putting her to bed last night she asked me if the tooth fairy was going to visit her. i told her, "of course! just like last time!" (last time the tooth fairy left a special note and some's set a precedent.)

and because i wasn't sure i wanted to write out notes for all the teeth she's going to lose plus all the teeth her sisters will lose i decided to make a little tooth fairy printable that i can easily print out, fill out, and tuck under her pillow. 

guess what, you can do this too. i made a 5x7" card for boys and girls. all you have to do is fill out the blank spaces, mark the boxes, and fork over the cash.

so here's to the bravest five year old i know. i hope she doesn't call me out and express that she'd prefer special, hand-written notes from now on. 

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