we're back from our quickest of getaways...because that's how it goes when you're married to a farmer. he'll give you the - we're leaving in 20 minutes notification and that's how long you have to pack up your entire house.

years ago this drove me crazy and i could barely deal.

now? it drives me crazy and i can barely deal...but, you just do it and know you're going to always forget something. what did we forget this trip? pillows. i forgot all the pillows. they were packed and sitting right by our couch.

but i did remember snacks and beer...so i mean - priorities.

so, we packed our house for our three day trip to the mountains and even with those short trips...they are always so refreshing.
we left early-ish friday and started our trek up the mountain. true to form - our sweet gal called from the back back seat that she wasn't feeling well. i totally understand this, because i too as a young girl would get carsick on the exact same winding roads. it's the worst feeling. i looked at my farmer and said...pull off immediately. carsickness isn't something to mess around with.

(you can see in the image above how ill kaye feels. my poor gal!)

after some fresh air and looking at the rapids in the payette river we buckled everyone back in and finished out the three-ish hour drive.

we made it to the cabin, made a quick store run, and walked down to the beach. it wasn't the warmest it's ever been in june (unfortunately) but that didn't keep the girls from wading out into the water far enough to get their booties wet and running wild on the docks. it'll be fun to head back in july and august when it's swimming weather for some dock-jumping / paddle boarding / sand castle building / etc. (i had to snag this image from my instagram stories because apparently i took zero pictures of the beautiful lake time.)
that night we grilled kabobs and roasted marshmallows. the cabin also boasts a large assortment of my late uncle lenn's hats that my farmer helped himself to.

the next morning we spotted a new coffee / café shop had opened up, so we popped in there and received the slowest service of our lives. granted...it was brand new and i'm sure they were working out the kinks, but it took over twenty minutes to get hot cocoa. luckily the girls were wonderful and when the food finally arrived it was delicious. i vote to give it one more try.

also...i'll forever love how little these two enjoy posing for pictures. dear god - they are the cutest.
later that day we noticed a fishing clinic being hosted by the fish & game and popped in to get the details. they gave each girl a brand new fishing pole (to keep!) and so we did some fishing. sawyer caught a fish on her first cast and was genuinely the most excited i've EVER seen her. like...ever. she screamed with delight when she realized there was a fish on the line. we reeled it in...but naturally neither of us would touch it. i couldn't tell you why i didn't want to touch it...but i didn't, and she didn't. but kaye did, because she is afraid or grossed out by exactly zero things.
after the slow breakfast, a long walk around nana and grandpa's new property, and some fish catching - all three girls fell asleep in the car. so the farmer and i decided to take the 40 minute drive out to a burgdorf hot springs. when we got there it was discovered that i forgot kaye and sawyer's swimming suits back at the cabin. mom fail. and it really was my fault because the farmer specifically asked me if i had them in the swimming bag. going against everything within my type a personality / freakish cleanliness blah blah whatever...we rented kaye a swimming suit and shoved sawyer into an extra suit we had in the bag for elli. it worked. it worked until it started hailing on us in the pool. idaho weather...you just never quite know what you're going to get. it literally snowed on the ski hill that day.
that afternoon we made it back to the cabin, cleaned up, and decided to head to a local resort hotel for dinner. we got there a little before our reservation so we could walk around and explore. it's truly such a cool hotel right on the lake. it just went through a major renovation and has a super nice movie theatre as well as a great game room...that i wish i had snapped a few pictures of. the game room was on the other side of a giant fish tank, so after the girls finished their dinner we let them walk over and we could literally see them playing through the tank.
the short getaway was exactly what i / we needed. i do wish we could have stayed...a few more...weeks. months? move there permanently? or maybe move to the hotel permanently. i mean...the spa is enough to keep me happy for the foreseeable future.

it was a great way to kick off our summer travel. i'm sure we'll have a few more 20 minute notifications to pack our bags...and you can guarantee i won't be forgetting pillows again.