I'm five weeks away from turning 35.
We're officially three weeks out from Elli's first birthday.
We have less than a week until the first day of school. (The girls will be doing two days a week at the Montessori school they attended last year.)
And apparently I'm supposed to be planning this epic road trip for the end of September...

And people...we may as well start planning for Christmas because Halloween is knocking at our door...we we all know November will be gone...just like that.

No longer are my days long and my years short. My days are short as well. I think I saw my first grey hair...either that or it was a silvery blond. I hurt my back taking the Thule box off the roof of our Sequoia the other day. And to top it all off Kaye asked if she could call me Mom instead of Mommy. Just put me in a retirement home now.

But aside from all that - I'm attempting to get organized and marking one event off the list at a time.

First - Birthday Inspiration
For Elli's first birthday I got it in my head awhile ago that I wanted to do this cute animal theme. (Then I forgot...then I remembered.) It's not super girly...which is something I feel like I can get away with never. We're obviously all things girl over here. Elli even demands bows in her hair. So, I grabbed some images from Pinterest, mashed them together, ordered a bunch of balloons, and I guess we'll see how it turns out. Ultimately, there will be a giant bounce slide, so if all else fails, I know the big kids and adults will have fun.

And let's not pretend that I'm not going to try to copy this party...for the most part. Right down to serving chicken and waffles as the main dish. (She ordered her chicken from Chick-fil-a, and I just think there's nothing more brilliant.)

Can we have a moment of silence regarding my baby turning one in 24 days?

Soon to follow will be my Farmer's birthday and my birthday...both in September. And then Sawyer and Kaye's birthday...both in October. Nothing like packing it all in. To say fall is going to be busy for the rest of our lives is an understatement. Oh hi harvest / five birthdays / back to school!! Someone send help...I'm going to be in a fetal position in my closet with hot glue gun burns all over my fingers and arms here in a few weeks. (Those tiny party hats won't be making themselves.)