Oh, you know. Just a blog that's supposed to be about all this travel travel travel...and we have yet to...travel. But obviously I have all the excuses in the world. Ie. School starting, birthdays galore, coordinating with all our friends in all the states. Those sorts of things.

But...we have been up to the day to day and here's what's been happening...

A few weekends ago we made our way to a county fair about two hours east of our farm. That same town has a Costco, so it was a dual-purpose trip.

Sawyer has never been as brave as Kaye (albeit, still outgoing) so we thought for sure it would take some prodding and convincing to get her on the rides. We were so very very wrong. Both girls were sprinting from attraction to attraction and picking out rides way beyond their height clearance. Thank God they have each other...because that hot air balloon ride would have done me in. I used to be able to do all the rides...and then motion sickness set in in my adulthood. Does anyone have recommendations for that?
Because I've been talking about it way too much lately, you maybe heard our youngest gal turned one on September 6th. The best decision I've ever made was postponing her party by a full weekend. So, we've been doing little party preps here and there and I'm loving how funny these little party animals are turning out. 

If you follow along on Instagram you may have seen that on Tuesdays we have both school and gymnastics. This wouldn't be a big deal, but we drive almost 40 minutes to school and then I drive back to the farm. Then I drive 40 minutes to pick them up...and then another 40 minutes to take them to gymnastics. Then three hours of gymnastics...and then an hour drive home. It's not that there's a lot going on, it's just a lot of time in the car and a veeeeerrrrry long day. Especially for Sawyer. Girlfriend always falls asleep and is usually pretty crabby when we have to wake her up. 
On this particular day, in hopes of keeping her cheery, we stopped for a quick smoothie before class. As we waited for our smoothies the girls played Elli's favorite game of peek-a-boo. And then once smoothies were in hand, both spilled them down their fronts. So...that was a win.
Later that week (it was a Thursday) Elli turned one. It was probably the worst day of her life as I made her pose for waaaaaay too many pictures, but I'm trying to start some traditions, people! We started with birthday pancakes...and yes. She can devour the stack.

And later that day we had a birthday nap wakeup with balloons. We couldn't do birthday morning...because girlfriend wakes up at 6 am and it's still dark.
We've had some daaaaayzzzz on the farm...and the weather has been toying with our emotions. Some days it will be so beautiful out. Just the perfect amount of heat. And then we'll have a mini-heatwave where it's 95 and dry and dusty and ugh. This particular day also happened to be the day we had nothing going on. We didn't have to be anywhere. No visitors. Nada. So...I gave the gals a pass and we didn't fix hair and they picked out their own clothes. Kaye will a t-shirt and shorts every day...and Sawyer picked a swim cover-up. Oh, and they put a bandana on Elli. Also...why bother with shoes?

The farmer and I managed to squeeze in a date-night. We popped over to Boise, met up with some friends, and ate at a new-ish restaurant called The Wylder.
And lastly...I've been starting way too many projects...and not finishing them. As of late I've been trying to make our front deck a little more welcoming. We have a porch swing started. I have pots planted...after they housed dead things all summer long (forehead slap). And my last feat was removing all the crappy gravel that was in front of our porch steps. The plan is to level it out with some sand and then lay flagstone. We'll see. But what should be noted is when I went to wheel the wheelbarrow away I hadn't calculated how heavy it would be with all the rock and I immediately dumped it. Which I then had to shovel all the rock baaaaack in. And then I waited for my Farmer to get home.

And that's lately! This weekend we'll have our final celebration for Elli's first year and then it will be full steam ahead as we finish up the final planning details for our road trip!