If you need a quick Halloween invitation or decor, I have you covered. Read on to get access to your own banner and invitation! You'll also find a super easy Unicorn Costume DIY and Cat Costume DIY.

Okay! So I thought I was going to write all about our road trip this morning since I've had nearly a week to recover at this point. But, as it turns out...I'll probably need a full month to recover. I still cringe (as does Elli) when I have to put her in her car seat. Girlfriend is having some serious PTSD.

But, let's be real here! It's not like she's the first baby to do some 8+ hour stretches of travel! She's going to be fine (I whisper to myself).

So instead, I took a quick walk down memory lane (as one with a blog does) and then cried because I can't believe how quickly my sweet gals are growing up. Kaye just told me that if I don't let her grow up I'll never have grandkids. Whoa whoa whoa. Pump the breaks girlfriend. 

I'll dab my tears and share some easy Halloween goodies. First up - If you're thinking about having an easy get together use my little printable invitation. Just click here, print, and fill in the info. So easy.

You can snag a matching banner in the same spot! Hang it from the mantle under your TV or on your kitchen island or above a set of doors. Lot's of options. The good thing about this banner is you can print as many pages as you need to cover the space. So if you have a shorter space only hang one "BOO." Make sense? Print here!
And then of course, keeping with the Halloween theme, if you're wondering what to do for some super easy costumes for your kids (and they truly are because I pulled them off) you can click here and then go ahead and take your unicorns to a field and take their picture. These images make smile every time. I mean...look at my little unicorns! 
(You'll also get to read about how I got in a fight with an eight year old in front of the door of a complete stranger.)

Really, all you need is a white top and white leggings. I ordered all ours from H&M and I think they were $6 a piece. Etsy provided the unicorn horns, which surprisingly, both girls kept on the entire night. And then to complete the look I bought and elastic band and added velcro to it at the correct length of each girl's waist. The final step is to purchase lengths of different colored tulle and tie it to the elastic band to create the tail. Unicorn!
And then last year I had just had Elli so I was in no mood to be hunting down things for clever Halloween costumes. So, I did the same costume...but different colors. And just like that, you have a cat. Throw in some black eyeliner and red lips and it's even better. 
We're (I'm) excited to reveal our costumes this year. It's the most effort I've ever put out...ever. I just hope they turn out. We're going for a family theme, so...I guess we'll see how it goes.