cue those nervous sweats.

cue the tears.
add those together and you have a knocked up farmer's wife.

i know...i put it so eloquently. that's the charm in me.

if you never read my first go 'round on the pregnancy train, you can check that out here.

or allow me to summarize - angry, cried all the time, sweaty, angry...and most of all - angry.

don't let that smiling face deceive you.

i'm barely hanging onto my friends and i'm pretty sure kaye wants to dial-in for a new mom. guh. you dying to know the dirty-dets?
how far along am i? what am i having? workouts? weight gain? how many times have i cried this week?

oh, you're not? i'll let you in the loop, just in case you change your mind.

STATS | farm baby #2
HOW MANY WEEKS | 21 weeks. that's 19 to go, or if it's like turtle #1...add two weeks to that.

WEIGHT GAIN | the l-b's seem to be coming on a little easier this round. that's normal, right? it should be. i'm owning it at five pounds...and i'm positive at least half of that is in my bra...which in my case is not a good thing.

WORKOUTS | i've been running...not because i really wanted to, but because i had to. this past weekend i ran in a relay that was 62 miles with six girls. i ran two of the legs for a total of 11 miles. it hurt a lot more than it should have...regardless, i'm happy i trained (kind of).
the game plan is to keep running, run-walking, shuffling, walking, scooting...something for as long as possible. we'll see how that shakes out.

GENDER | we will find out soon enough! we didn't find out with kaye, so we decided to treat ourselves this go-round with a sneak-peak.

if i end up allowing bets, go for girl. i'm positive i'm having a girl. the dreams. the uncontrollable emotions. the crying. don't get me started on the crying...

CRIES THIS WEEK | many times have i cried this week?'s tuesday, so that means three. i've already cried three times this week. shoot me.

CRAVINGS | umm...i tend to indulge in whatever suits my fancy at that i wouldn't say i have cravings. i certainly have things i should cut down on. (ie. bowls of ice cream. m & m's. wheat thins + cream cheese.)
so that's where we're at these days. just a bit of excitement on the farm. 

feel free to follow along! 19 weeks to go. crossing my fingers!

ps. a giant, huge, big big thank you to amy at {the farmer's wife} for snapping these shots for me as i was SUPER awkward in her yard. not to mention when i had to chase her cat away with a stick, i made her climb up a ladder, and asked her 96 times what i should do with my hands. 

that gal. patience for days.