so...some of us farmer wives are lucky enough to be married to men who DON'T grow low moisture corn and DO grow sugar beets. those wives get to throw adorable harvest parties in late october. jeally (jealous)? whyyyy, yes i am. (rub it in, amy.)
that's not my life. i'm married to a farmer who DOES grow low-moisture corn that can't be harvested until december (right around christams, of course!) and alfalfa that decides to be ready for cutting just before an unforeseen rainstorm. what the?? curse it. so now we have alfalfa that has been on the ground for two weeks and corn that is 13 ft high taunting us because we know the work ahead. (listen to me acting like i have something to do with the harvesting process. yeah right.)
well ya know what weather? ya, i'm tellin' you what. this is how it's going to work for the next month or so:
  1. temperatures will raise to about 70 degrees.
  2. the wind will blow ever so nicely as to help dry the corn.
  3. the wind will stop blowing for about an hour around 4 pm each day, three times a week...let me start over. the wind will stop blowing for about an hour around 4 pm whenever i decide to go for a run.
  4. the day harvesting the corn is complete, that evening it will dump about six feet of glorious snow in the mountains so we can start our ski season.
  5. thank you. amen.
so even though i'm totally jealous of amy's adorb. harvest party, we went. we ate. we enjoyed. please check out below just how crafty this girl is...

here i am in the red plaid thinking over and over about getting as much chili in my mouth as possible...obvs. but that's because i didn't know that these were waiting for me...

CAKE POPS! can you say DELICIOUS?! holy buckets, whoa mama these were good.
amy, you've changed my world for the better. you've changed my waist for the worse. and to top it all off i present...

P-CORN! now, if you say p-corn out loud it sounds pretty, umm, disgusting. i mean...downright sick. but i like it and i'm gonna say it. boo-ya! so if you know one thing about me it's that i. LOVE. p-corn. if i could eat p-corn for dinner every night, i would. get. in. my. mouth.
but, let's revisit the chili picture again...


i'll have you all know that when i got dolled up in this outfit here is what i was thinking, "whoa yeah karli. work that plaid. oh...and skinny jeans tucked into your boots...this is sooooo harvest party. tuck the front of your shirt in. yeah, that's cute. slims you." i thought i was battin' 1000. when i saw this picture i quickly learned that gray skinnies are not my friend and i will look heavier 100% of the time standing in line for food. i love chili. amen.

ps. that's my smokin' hot farmer letting me go first. farmers are gentleman.