oh dear. in my day to day happenings there are random things that pop into my head and then i wonder, "if someone was inside my head, would i still have friends? would my husband have married me? would i be locked away?" the answers are: no, no, yes.

like just a few minutes ago, i was putting on some tights/legging thingies and i turned them around in my hands about six or seven times. opened them up from the top and really debated to myself which was the front and which was the back? there's no tag. how am i supposed to know? then i thought, "i have a booty...the back is probably a little stretched out/saggy." i turned the tights over a few more times...back, front, back, front. i still can't decide. so i put them on. all of a sudden i have a saggy front/crotch thing goin' on. ugh. take them off, turn them around, put them back on. what the???? i still have a saggy front/crotch thing goin' on!!! i give up. i hate the tights, but i love them. love/hate relationship.
  • love them because they look oh so cute with tall boots and a sweater dress.
  • love them because if you pull them up high enough they suck that gut right in.
  • hate them for their saggy front/crotch thingy and the way they cut me in the middle.
now what do i do? pull them up just shy of my nipples? that'll hold EVERYTHING in. or do i roll them down to my hips so i'm muffin-toppin' all over the place?

i guess if this is my only debacle for the day, i'm in good shape. whatevs. i need to go dust off my tall boots. yep, the farm makes my shoes and everything else in my life permanently dusty. ugh. that's for another day. i need to go kill a fly.