hey ya'll! this is a blog. a blog about yours truly, obvs. so, let's get some details straight:
i so so so enjoy using cliché abbrevs. (abbreviations!) so get ready for that. i live on a farm. in a trailer. single-wide. 500 sq ft. oh oh! we're building a house on the farm atop a hill. so we've got that goin' for us. it's pretty stressful but the day we move in will be the second best day of my life. it's worth it. i married a farmer august 07, 2010. yay! it was a rockin' wedding with lots of dancing, laughing and push-ups...in my dress...on the dance floor. i'll see if i can dig up a picture for a future post. for now you get a picture of me and my best gals. obvs. we have so much attitude.

and here is my handsome groom with all his best guys! ugh. so nerdy.

i can't wait to write down all the fun insane stories that happen out here in the amidst the sand dunes. i'll be discussing very intellectual things such as how gopher tails ended up on my kitchen counter and being chased by a husband/wife badger duo on a morning, country-road jog. (scary!) but don't worry, it's not all about wildlife. i also plan to bring a little style to these here parts!