yo. as i log my forth hour in front of the tv this chilly, windy sunday evening i am motivated. no. not to physically do anything, but rather list some goals for the coming week.
here is what's goin' down:
  1. i'm going to get dressed every day this week - does this sound weird? probably. i work from home and it is surprisingly difficult to put on anything other than yoga pants.
  2. i'm going to cook dinner at least three nights - no, popcorn will not be considered dinner. 
  3. i'm going to run at least four times - be it one mile or six miles, i'm going to run.
  4. i'm going to take new pictures of the house! things are pluggin' right along over there. tomorrow brings insulation and later in the week we have drywall going up!
yep, so that's it. goals. maybe i'll make it a sunday thing.