guess what. i don't have kids. i'm not even pregnant. we're not even trying. we're not even thinking of trying. but, one of the biggest fights the farmer and i have been in was about a baby named roger.

baby named roger came into our lives when we were talking about what we would name our unborn, untwinkled in our eyes baby. roger, if you please.
we were chatting away throwing around names for said baby and all of a sudden farmer said, "wouldn't it be hilarious to name our baby roger?"

i said, "you don't name a baby something to be funny."
farmer said, "don't you like it?"
i said, "no, it's horrible. do you seriously like it?"
farmer said, "yes."
i said, "well i don't like it, so it's off the list."
farmer said, "i don't have to like everything you like, so i'm keeping it on the list."

i was dumb-struck. obvs. he doesn't have to like everything i like. but when it comes to our unborn baby's name, don't we have to agree? so if i don't like a name or he doesn't like a name it's black-balled. kaput. curtains. right?

then we repeated pretty much those exact lines of conversation for about 20 minutes. this all happened during a one hour and 20 minute drive back to the farm from the big city. i became so enraged at the idea of him wanting to name our baby, OUR UNBORN, UN-THOUGHT-OF BABY, roooooogerrrrr, i just came unglued. so for a solid hour, we didn't speak. we got back to the single-wide around 10 pm and we didn't speak there either. we went to bed.

but then, just like magic, we woke up the next morning and made a joke about baby named roger. now i'm pretty sure we're going to have a baby named roger. or maybe a nicknamed baby named roger.

do you dig a baby named roger?