happy saturday. are you sipping coffee? are you getting ready for some diy projects? (or watching it?) or have you been super motivated and already went for a morning jog? i envy you...kind of.

me? i put some jeans on. that's a start. now i'm sipping coffee with just a splash of delicious AND i'm watching diy. good for me. but i justify it because not only am i writing this little post here, but i'm doing house research. i think i've finally convinced my farmer on the hardwood and pretty soon i'll talk him into a sectional for our great room. why is furniture so expensivo?! i'm going to start selling my non-vital organs soon. who wants an appendix?

i wanted to write an impromptu post today because a few weeks ago i had a thought. i weird thought. and then i forgot about it; but then just now i remembered again. as of late i've kind of become mildly obsessed (in a very non-creepy way...promise) with sydney from The Daybook and ree from Pioneer Woman. seriously, if you visit their sites, you'll probably become addicted too. but here is where things get extra creepy. i think that if i met them in real life, we would all probably be great friends. i really do!

ree is this totally hip and with it lady from oklahoma who married a rancher and moved to the middle of nowhere (kind of like me!) and embraced life away from the hustle and bustle. i totally aspire to be her...err...like her. i swear i'm not a creep.

sydney is this adorb. fashion-forward chica FROM IDAHO!!! but i think she lives in DC now. she is pretty young (i think like 23 or 24). she just had a wee-babe, but has all these amazing ideas for pairing clothing pieces together. pieces you would never even consider...at least i wouldn't, because i'm boring. but now that sydney is in my life i'm really trying to jazzy things up. farmer appreciates it.

so here is my dream: what if one magical day they e-mailed me because they saw my blog and then they wanted to be friends too?! what if?! oh. em. gee...wouldn't that be the wildest?!

(i'm expecting to be slapped with a restraining order early next week. i'll blog about it.)