and each of these things:

paige frye boots. hands off. they're mine!

bossypants - because it's what i do.

br plaid scarf - oh so cozy and oh so warm.

oh! who's this? i'll take one of these. you're fine.

treadmill - it doesn't have to be this treadmill. get real. this treadmill is expensivo. but just a treadmill that will help me work off my extra fat stores that i like to keep during the winter months. like a bear. RAAAAAR. (bear roar. do bears roar or growl?)

smith aviators - yes please.

pottery barn throw - this oh so cozy, oh so delicious, cuddle me up like a bug in a rug blanket. please allow for just enough room for my little hand to reach out for some p-corn. oh, and i'll also need my other hand for the remote. and if someone could hold a mug of hot cocoa with a splash of bailey's and just sit there and feed it to me, that would be real real great. i'm talkin...the best. thanks.