have you ever eaten a cakepop? they are delish. DELISH! let's imagine together now:

you see, when a very nice piece of cake falls in love with a delicious doughnut and they strike up a courtship, eventually they will fall in love and be married. when said cake and doughnut love each other very much they may decide to  make a baby. what they create together is magical and it's called a  cakepop. everyone saw that this was good, and it was so.

i could eat 20 in 20 seconds i bet.

*pop* in my mouth. NOM NOM NOM. that was yum.

but now i have a confession, and i am NOT proud. seriously, i'm a little embarrassed. after miss amy bragged all over the place about her adorable cakepops (she didn't really brag, i'm just jealous), i tried my hand at the ol' c-pops. guess what. they are not easy.

it started with a ridiculous trip to the grocery store. it took me about 47 hours to track down all the necessary supplies. yep, just one hour short of two days.  so after hunting and gathering i wound up armed and ready:
  • 1 bag of white chocolate melts
  • 1 bag of red chocolate melts
  • 1 bag of red hots
  • three bags of cakepop sticks (i thought i was going to be making these a lot...wrong)
  • 1 box of chocolate cake
  • 1 thingy of vanilla icing
  • and a substantial amount of christmas supplies that i shouldn't have purchased.
(i forgot to take a line-up shot. meh.)

so first you make the cake - success!

then, you destroy it. seriously, you crumble the entire thing and add a can of frosting. stir stir stir. nibble, nibble, nibble.

after adding the frosting i had to take a little break to drink some water. my belly was really starting to hurt. at this point in the creation process all i had eaten was two mugs of coffee with two parts bailey's and a load of frosting-cake. i was even more sick from this than when i ate all that pie dough.

after you recover from a sugar coma you can begin to form little balls. this is where it gets embarrassing. i thought it would be great to try to make little santa hats. so i shaped them into some funky looking cones.

the next correct step is to pop these cone-things into the freezer. but i was doing my own thing. so i dipped them into the melted white melts and sprinkled them with white sugar. this was to be the fur on santa's hat. not only did i not freeze the cones, but i dipped them and let them dry. double wrong step. you're actually supposed to dip and immediately put the stick in the bottom of them. woops.

not very pretty, huh?
after this misstep i made all the fur balls that top the santa hats. also ugly. sheesh. i did this by dipping redhots into the the melted candy melts.

after the disaster above i gave up on documenting the rest of the process. here are the final hats. seriously, these were the best eight out of about 40 i could come up with. i told you it was embarrassing.

the good news: these taste freaking awesome. seriously, so yum.