so i'm doing this 30 day running challenge. i'm tired. and complainy.

basically, i saw a post on facebook from a local triathalon shop. it was something about a "run 30 minutes a day for 30 days in december." every day except new year's eve. since i had basically stopped working out three weeks prior, i thought this might be the kick in the rear i needed to get me jazzy-jazzed for running again.

so, rain or shine, wind or no wind, or if i make up an excuse to drive 65 miles to the gym (one way), i've been pounding the pavement. (it sounds like i've been doing thise for six months, but good god, it's only been six days.)

it's day six of the 30 day challenge and i'm already:
  • full of excuses
  • tired
  • achey
  • hungry
  • need a nap
  • sweaty
  • and full of excuses
can i quit? or at least rest? i just finished day six. i told my farmer that jesus rested on the seventh day. he quickly reminded me that jesus wasn't present at that time. was i referring to god? yes, yes i was. that's what i meant. god rested on the seventh day. apparently i have no bizz referencing the bible. that's why i have a spiritual guidence counselor. her name is jeanine. i also rely heavily on the real housewives of (name a city) and teen mom to keep me morally grounded.

i haven't decided if i'm going to rest on day seven. i keep thinking to myself, "it's only 30 minutes. that's one episode of 30 rock. get out there." maybe i will and maybe i will. i'll keep you posted.

wish me luck.