skiing the french alps - photo taken jan, 2008
it's that time again. i'll give a completely unbiased opinion of my performance of the previous week in relation to the goals i set last sunday. let's get this party started:
  1. FAIL. oh dear, sweet mother this is a sad story. i really had every intention in the whole, wide world of running every single day. i was doing well too! i ran sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. but then wednesday night a horrible accident happend. picture this with me: 
    • it was dark and cold and there was an eery wind rustling through the trees. my farmer had just pulled up to the the single-wide. i was going to hop in his truck and we were going to check out the handy work of the drywallers. (very exciting!) as i hopped down the steps towards the truck, a swallow (very large bird with talons) darted from the trees and dive-bombed my face. i flew backwards, lost my balance, stepped on a large rock, and heard a snap, crunch, scream as i crumbled to the ground. that's how i broke my ankle. yep, broken. then we had to drive over an hour to the hospital, and by that point the doctors couldn't do anything to save it so they just cut it off. that is how my 30 day challenge came to an abrupt halt. 
    • or it may have happened something like this: i was hopping down the steps towards my farmers truck. i was trying to be super cute as i walked in front of the headlights. i stepped on the giant rock (seriously, it was HUGE) and heard a crack, snap, crunch. i didn't fall and there was no bird. i limped the rest of the way to the truck, trying not to cry. i didn't cry. and what do you suppose my farmer said when i got in? "do you think you twisted your ankle because you were wearing those super supportive oversized socks you call uggs?" i took off my ugg and threw it at him. no i didn't. i felt like it. 
    • last point: so i think i sprained/really twisted my ankle. it hurt pretty wickedly. of course it didn't swell or bruise or do anything dramatic so now i look like a giant sissy. but, i ran some milage on it today and it's still attached, so i'll resume running again tomorrow.
  2. FAIL in the worst kind of way. not only did i not finish my christmas shopping, but i got the christmas bug and felt the need to bring the holiday spirit to the single wide. the good news is all decor is transferrable to the new house in just a few short weeks. yay.
  3. WIN!!!!!! WIN!!! WIN! you bet i made dinner for my farmer AND he thoroughly enjoyed it. he really did! it was a quesadilla casserole of sorts. i'll post the recipe later this week. 
  4. WIN - i totally watched less tv. this was a non-scientific approach with no exact calculations from previous weeks to this past week, but my gut says i watched less.
fresh and fancy goals for this week!
  1. finalize all paint colors by friday. yep...painting begins this weekend. bada-bing CHA-CHING!
  2. make dinner for my farmer TWO times this week. i know this begs the question, "did you really only make him dinner once last week?" yes, just the once. but there was so much love and effort all wrapped up into that casserole,  it fed our souls all week. right?
  3. run every day this week for at least 30 minutes. blah blah blah, you've heard this before. 
  4. only eat one sweet the entire week. (should i write FAIL now?)
coming up with new goals each week is tough. any suggestions for next week?