a true picture of love. just look at that love all over his face.
well guys. things didn't go so well this week. riddled with issues, really.

  1. mini-fail: i kind of finalized the paint colors. i'm going to town to buy paint for the great, laundry and bath rooms today. trust - it's harder than it looks. i wish this agony on no one. this answers your next question - no, we didn't get to start painting this week. but it looks promising to start tomorrow.
  2. WIN! my only official win of the week. two times i made my farmer dinner...and no more. heaven forbid i try for three. that would be crazy. i made him some delicious soup on monday. it literally lasted us through lunch on wednesday. i guess that's what is amazing about the crockpot; the longer it cooks something the yummier it gets. and as my farmer likes to say, "set it and forget it." (he's funny like that.)
  3. mini-fail: i ran six times this week. i was super-duper sick on friday. like, on my death-bed. ouch. maybe i got sick from the running?
  4. fail fail: i did really well until thursday. i ate dessert on thursday, ice cream on friday night and some cakepops yesterday. so i guess that means i failed twice sine i said i could eat one sweet. but you know what? i'm going to say this is a mini-win because this goal is particularly tricky around the holidays. people are practically shoving fudge in your face. 
but gee-goll, gosh-darn. i really really tried. (except for the sweets.) try, try again i guess:
  1. seriously, finish all my christmas shopping. this is a must since christmas is on sunday, but i need a for sure win this week.
  2. run every day this week for at least 30 minutes. here we go again.
  3. pick three options for a ski vay-cay and send to my farmer.
  4. no bickering with my sister (flying in from denver on thursday!!!). if you know kell-bell and me you know we are the best of friends. best of friends that bicker harder and longer and more annoyingly than anyone...ever.
happy week and merry christmas everyone!