i plucked a hair out of my mole. sick. this isn't the first time. i actually have three moles on my face i pluck hairs out of. i've been doin' it for years, folks. sick. i'm still grossed out every single time. however, when i finally grab that tiny, little hair with the tweezers and manage to pluck it (rather than accidentaly nip it so short i can't grab it anymore) i get this really strange surge of satisfaction. sick. it's the world i live in.

don't tell my farmer. it's a secret.

the good news is i have the majority of my facial hair under control these days. that wasn't the case from the ages of birth to about 16 when my sister finally grabbed me by the shoulders and had a heart to heart. they just grew darker, thicker and more aggressive with age.

"karli, we're going to need to get that eyebrow shaped into two eyebrows."
"ummm. huh? okay," i said.

and so i did.

here is an example of my eyebrow at age four. look closely. my hair may be blond-ish but you can see th fuzz inbetween the eyes connecting the single eyebrow.

and my eyebrows now...

here i am being a super-creep on a flight to reno. but look at those eyebrows! there are two...plural! i've come a long way.