case anyone was wondering/were getting concerned about my sanity (which is long-gone) regarding me braving the winter winds in the single-wide, just LOOK at this!!!
grainy cellphone photo...sorry!
but this is the view of the kitchen as of last night. WOOP! the hardwood should be all finished today. oh. em. gee. HARDWOOD! pay no attention to the trim work that i neglected in the corner. cabinets will be covering that right on up.

update: i snappy-snapped this little photo during lunch!

consider me loco that the only thing i want to do is take a mop to these floors. 

brag time: in case you really want to be impressed please note that my farmer and his uncle installed all of this.

an equation: does my farmer + installed hardwood floors = love?

yes. consider me head over heels.