i'm going to be starting something new today. basically i'll be informing all you 10 people who read this blog (make that nine if you don't count my farmer) of my very most favorite pin of the week on PINTEREST! WOOP!

dear, sweet mother...tell me you've heard of pinterest. it is da bomb-diggity. it is really awesome. get real...it's a time suck. magic.

for my very first pin of the week, i had to dig deep into a personal problem. this particular problem is even worse than the hairs that grow from the beauty marks on my face or my unibrow. it keeps me from wearing certain colors and also forces me to strategically dress. one time, in an interview, it forced me to awkwardly shake my future boss' and co-worker's hands because i could never actually lift my arm.
i'm a sweater.

no, not a sweater:

a sweater:

it's nothing to be ashamed of. it even happens to halle berry when she visits the ellen show.

so when my sissa (kelli of denver) was here this past week, we were browsing (time-suck) through her pinterest boards and i said, "whoa, whoa. pump the brakes." she had pinned a pit-stains removal tutorial! apparently it's like this "magic" cleaning solution. now, i'll admit, between building a house, picking up after my farmer, not cooking dinner and not puting pants on...i'm a busy gal. i haven't actually tried this. but god knows i need to. NEED to.

here ya go:
sweaty-betty be damned. i'm going to try this asap. i've ruined too many a white shirt.