so-o. in a different time and world my farmer was an engineer. i've told you this. that's when i met him in the big city. i worked for an architecture firm that did work with farmer's place of employment. we played in a golf tournament together and fell in love...or something like that.

we-ellll, allow me to introduce my farmer's first boss (out of college). bobby t! (he doesn't know i call him that.)

he's a great, great man. salt of the earth.

now, my farmer stopped working for bobby t. about four years ago (that's a guess) so that my farmer could become a farmer, buy a farm and start farming. follow that?

guess what bobby t. does for my farmer and me? he keeps inviting us back to the infamous tikker christmas party! isn't he a saint!? i think he knows it's my one opportunity a year to put a dress on, comb my hair and generally have decent hygiene for the evening. it's oodles of fun and full of laughs with just about the best people ever. seriously, my farmer's old co-workers are rock stars. love 'em.

every year at the tikker christmas party there is a white elephant gift exchange, delicious food, some beverage partaking, and general shenanigans. this year was no different. we started the evening off with some of this:

this gal is married to the fella below (not my farmer). farmer and fella worked together at tikker.
farmer definitely didn't plan on gal and me becoming besties...or their entire family being in our wedding. 
total creepers.
then it escalated to this:

at this point we were ready for some gift opening/exchanging/stealing:

see the guy on the shirt? that's my farmer in a picture of himself wearing a shirt doing a face impression of a guy making a face and then otto put this shirt on and made the face. what? needless to say, nobody stole this gift.

nobody stole this gift either:

it's a bust of abe lincoln. where do you get stuff like this? well, honest abe was all over the place for the rest of the night.

 it really was a fabulouso evening. bobby t, thank you so much! i promise i won't fall asleep for the third year in a row next year...if we get invited back...which i doubt we will...after i stole everyones dessert...and refused to leave until my plate was clean...and stuffed the mini doughnuts in my purse.