have ya'll heard of polyvore? ummm...it's pretty awesome. basically you can search/pick out all these different clothes and put them together with accessories and shoesies to create an outfit. it's like virtual barbie with an unlimited closet. i tried my hand at it and me likey. and while it wasn't as difficult as standing in front of my closet trying to pick something out, i still did some stress-sweating. hate. that.

so, in honor of the little ski trip the farmer and i are taking (yes, farmer skis!), i put together the following outfit. i'll call it: ski lodge date. i'm picturing myself eating a bacon cheeseburger and sippin' on a delish IPA after a fab day on the ski hill. i'm still not sure why i have aviators pictured, because i'm pretty sure by the time you got off the ski hill it would be dark outside. but i just really love my new aviators.

ski lodge date