so, umm...i may not be the best cooker, shaker, maker, baker in the world. but what i lack in skill i make up for in effort...and love. that's right. every little recipe i make has oodles of love...or something like that. but maybe, if i work really hard, one day i can replace all that love with skill and prepare full meals. my farmer can only take so much more salad. seriously, that's what he told me last night. but for now, we'll start with the simple are of baking chocolate chip cookies. yum.

thank you to dear, sweet cathie for pinning this weeks pin of the week!

in honor of my lack of ability, the pin of the week is about baking cookies and how to know what you did to eff them up. i had NO idea there were so many ways to mess up cookies. for example, when you pulled them from the oven and you saw that they were _____ (flat, overcooked, didn't spread, spread too much, crispy, etc.). this little post will solve all those problemos. nice.

my cookies usually look like #4 but they still taste yum.
 so check it,  yo:

disclaimer: if i ever, EVER offer to make dessert, turn it down immediately. there is a really solid chance my hands have been all over that recipe and i've eaten half the batter or dough.