people. i'm convinced that the night santa comes in and leaves all my presents he also creeply stands by my bed and sucks all motivation from my body and soul.

who's with me on this?

he replaces it with an unnatural want/need/desire for all things wonderful - chocolate, liqueur, chocolate in my liqueur, liqueur in my chocolate, rich foods, creamy foods, warm foods, sweatpants, sweatshirts, leggings, baggy shirts, uggs, wool socks, christmas movies, popcorn while watching christmas movies, a lack of desire to go get the picture. basically it left me looking like this for the entire month of january:

pardon the blur
coincidentally, my farmer went missing most of january. interesting.

since when are sweatpants and a top-knot NOT sexy?

do you have motivation? tell me what motivates you. this girl needs NEEDS your secret to motivation.