weddings seem to be in serious planning mode as of late. and i dig it.

there was a very brief period in my life when i wasn't utterly obsessed OBSESSED with weddings and planning and dreaming and helping and dressing up and eating the cake and drinking the drink.

i. love. it. ALL.

i was so obsessed in fact, once in college my roommate and i borrowed an engagement ring and went to two different bridal shops (sported said ring), acted as eachothers maids of honor and tried on dresses. best. day. ever. ( the time.)

the obsession continued when i was bored one day and stumbled into target. i blacked out and immerged in the parking lot with a pretty binder, page protector sleeves. and three wedding magazines. i wasn't even dating anyone, people. it was a sickness.

i had to buy these supplies because pinterest wasn't around yet.

this story becomes more unfortunate when said binder and magazines were found months and months later by my then boyfriend, now my farmer. oh, the humiliation. he told his friends. more humiliaton. they made endless fun of me. but i guess i had the last laugh...i married him!

(insert evil laughter here - muahahahaha!)

in honor of wedding planning season, here are 10 snippits i learned from my wedding:
  1. negotiate with your vendors. as it turns out, they want your business. plus there are always little things they can tweak to make whatever you're buying less expensive. one less light here, five fewer flowers there. trust won't miss it.
  2. whether you hire a videographer or have a friend with a camera - FILM YOUR WEDDING. this will illicit tears during playback 97% of the time. (don't check my math on that.) film the ceremony, film the first dance, film the bouquet/garter toss, film the cake feed. just sayin'.
  3. when walking down the aisle, remember to keep your bouquet low and centered. your pictures will thank you. nobody wants to see flowers under your chin. remind your b-maids.
  4. on a budget? strongarm your friends and family into helping with the prep. if they love you, they'll love helping. you'll also save some mula.
  5. nervous the day of? nothing a bottle of champagne can't fix. skip the wine glass and go straight to a water bottle or sippy cup. you don't want spills on your dress. also, a dance party with your b-maids and best gals will get rid of some of that nervous energy.
  6. arrange a driver for post-wedding transportation. this driver should know exactly where he's taking you and should also be sober. which leads us to #7...
  7. make sure your groom or you check-in to your wedding night location prior to arrival your wedding night. trust me on this one. trust. this is a story for another day.
  8. do not do push-ups in your wedding dress on the beer-soaked dance floor.
  9. if your dad does a keg stand, you should do a keg stand. trust.
  10. pay for someone to clean up your wedding. your headache will thank you.